10 Crucial Pokemon GO Tips that you must know!

10 Crucial Pokemon GO Tips that you must know!



1: You can get a Pikachu as a starter: You can get this beloved electric-type mouse as a Pokemon if you walk away from the 3 Pokemon at the start of the game 3 times, the Pikachu then the Pikachu should eventually spawn ready for you to catch!

2: You can re-use PokeBalls: You can reuse your precious PokeBalls by tapping on the PokeBall after a failed shot. The PokeBall will then appear in your inventory ready to use again! Just be sure not to flick it like a maniac.



3: Every 10th PokeStop gives you a bonus: Have you just claimed 9 PokeStops? Find another one because that 10th one can give you some more precious items! source: reddit.com


 4: Turn AR off against rare Pokemon: If you’re up against that Dragonite you just found, you shouldn’t have AR on, it could easily put you off capturing it and you will waste PokeBalls, especially those pesky Zubats!


5: Go for the better moveset, not the CP: If you end up have 2 Dratini and the one with the lower CP has Dragon Tail and the other one with the higher CP has tackle, go for the Dratini with the better moveset, it could really cost you that gym battle.


6: Check the IV before you transfer: If this is the first time you have heard of IV’s please read this. The IV in simple terms is the potential of the Pokemon, if a Pokemon has 100 IV chances are it will have higher base stats than a other Pokemon with a higher level/CP.


7: Throw a Curveball: Throwing constant Curveballs can really rack you up EXP, if you get good at it you can also get more efficient at capturing Pokemon. Hold your finger on the PokeBall at the bottom of your screen and slowly begin to spin it clockwise until it sparkles and flick it a bit to the left of the Pokemon and the ball with curve into the Pokemon resulting in a higher catch rate and XP!


8: Use your Razz berries: If you use a Razz Berry you can pretty much capture any Pokemon you come into contact with. You get alot from PokeStops so do not feel as if you are wasting the berries.


9: Use Lucky Eggs whilst evolving: When you evolve any Pokemon you gain 500xp, that’s quite alot. Next time you are evolving multiple Pokemon activate a Lucky Egg and you will get 1000xp per evolve. Make sure you just don’t evolve randomly. Do it all at once with a Lucky Egg.


10: Pick your Eeeveloution: You can name your Eevee Rainy for Vaporeon, Pyro for Flareon, and Sparky for Jolteon.  After renaming the Eevee evolve it and it will turn into what the name corresponds to above.  Take note you can only do this once only. Be sure to choose wisely!



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