10 Things You’ve Heard About Pokemon Go (And Whether They’re True)

10 Things You've Heard About Pokemon Go (And Whether They're True)

You’ve definitely heard of Pokemon Go, the latest world-captivating mobile phenomenon. The app taps into the childhood dreams of twenty- and thirty-somethings, capitalizing on their nostalgia for Nintendo’s creature-collecting games. The Pokemon franchise is now two decades old, and with its massive, highly active global fan base, it was only a matter of time before the series received its own iteration on the most popular gaming device: mobile phones.

So, yes, we all know about Pokemon Go. But what about all the weird stuff attached to it? Rumors abound regarding the whereabouts of legendary Pokemon, the handful of fan-made apps dedicated to tracking down Pokemon, and terrible stories of car accidents, stabbings, and other destructive events. But which of these rumors are actually true? Here are 10 things you’ve definitely heard about Pokemon Go–and whether or not the stories hold water.

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