11 Franchises That Should Ripoff Pokemon Go

11 Franchises That Should Ripoff Pokemon Go

It’s been two years and Pokemon Go mania isn’t slowing down. The alternate actuality recreation has captured a large consumer base who’re traipsing the streets catching monsters, hatching eggs, and taking up gyms. If you’ve missed our previous protection, test it out. But what when you don’t like Pokemon? What do you do then?

The factor that some individuals don’t know is that Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Gotook most of that recreation from their earlier (and fewer widespread) Ingress. Nintendo’s success simply reveals high-powered cultural franchise could make all of the distinction. And if there’s one factor we’ve obtained loads of, it’s high-powered cultural franchises.

Let’s do firms’ work for them and determine 11 already widespread video video games, motion pictures, and different stuff that might soar into the alternate actuality world and make a bucketload of cash. If you make any of those, you owe us 10%. We take PayPal. No Bitcoin.

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