7 New Features Niantic Could Add to Pokémon GO

7 New Features Niantic Could Add to Pokémon GO

7 New Features Niantic Could Add to Pokémon GO

The craze that is Pokémon Go started off as a massive social event. Where people would get together in the street and make new friends, or reunite with old ones. When the game was launched, the streets were filled with people. You could almost talk to anyone and they would be playing Pokémon.

Today it seems less and less people are playing the game every day. This is quite sad, for a game that is meant to help get people moving, and interact with others. So here today, I’m going to list some features that have been confirmed, and some are just my own opinion that I think would be interesting, and that could bring back life to the game:

1. Trading (confirmed)

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This is a feature that has been confirmed to be coming to Pokémon GO soon. However, details on the trading system have been quite hazy. So how could it work exactly? I speculate it could be set out like the GTS (Global Trading System) in the original Pokémon games. With this system players in Pokémon GO could find a certain location in their towns and put a Pokémon up for trade, and come back and check on it to see if anyone has accepted the offer. This could really work well for the region locked Pokémon, with generation two coming soon that means more region locked Pokémon will be included.

Another way that it could also be implemented is the PvP trades, where the player can find other trainers to trade with. Nevertheless, this system can be abused by cheaters. So to stop abuse of the system, Niantic could add in a trading limit per trainer. In other words, you can trade with friends up to 3 times a week or month, and find new friends to trade with if you want to trade more. This could give the game a whole new reason to be more social.

2. PvP Battles

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What other way would there be, to truly test your skills and the strength of your Pokémon other than a true PvP battle? The system could work where it picks up a nearby trainer, using your GPS and internet connection on your phone. Then you select that trainer and send them a request to battle. The game will go into a screen much like the gym battle screen, and there you will fight other trainers. The downfall to this system though is that it would most likely use more of your phones data, as it would use the servers harder to pick up other trainers and their action in battle.

3. The Pokémon Amie
The Pokémon Amie, is found in the original games, and is used to make your Pokémon friendlier towards you. This could be an addition to the already implemented buddy system. How it could work, is you enter through your buddy screen, hit an option which would allow you to spend time with your Pokémon and pat it by touching it on your screen. You could also have PokéPuffs to feed it found in PokéStops. This would also be great to gain some Gen 2 evolutions, like Umbreon and Espeon which need happiness to evolve.

In addition a happiness metre could be added, to show trainers how happy their Pokémon is. You could also gain more candy per kilometre that you walk depending on your Pokémon buddy (for example: if you have Dratini as your buddy, then it would be per 5 kilometres.) This would also make getting those rare Pokémon candies even easier.

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