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User Menu About Subreddit for the Augmented Reality collaboration between Nintendo and Niantic. Travel between the true world and the digital world of Pokémon with Pokémon GO for iPhone and Android gadgets! With Pokémon GO, you may uncover Pokémon in a complete new world—your personal! Pokémon GO will use actual location info to encourage gamers to go looking far and extensive in the true world to find Pokémon. Niantic Helpdesk

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Niantic's GLOBAL CATCH CHALLENGE & POKEMON GO TRAVEL! w/ livestream recap!

#Sponsored #Niantic The GLOBAL CATCH CHALLENGE HAS BEGUN! In simply 7 days, we should catch three BILLION Pokemon to unlock regional Pokemon Farfetch’d to turn into obtainable globally! Additionally if we catch three billion Pokemon in 7 days we’ll earn double XP, double stardust, 6 hour lures, elevated spawn charges, and along with the worldwide Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan shall be obtainable in East Asia! This occasion is going on NOW till

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Pokemon XY Noibat Plush

Take your favourite Pokemon with you wherever you go. These plush figures are eight inches tall and are hand wash solely. Perfect for pre-bedtime battles. Price:

Pokemon Tsareena GX Box

THE POKÉMON TCG: TSAREENA-GX BOX INCLUDES:• 1 foil promo card that includes Tsareena-GX• 1 foil oversize card that includes Tsareena-GX• four Pokémon TCG booster packs• A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online Price:

HUGE POKÉMON GO TRAVEL EVENT (and i am not invited)

Yesterday Niantic introduced a brand new Pokémon GO Travel marketing campaign and Global Catch Challenge with the assistance of some YouTubers. Some of you will have observed that I used to be not one among them. So first let me clarify (as a lot as I can) after which let’s break down the occasion and unlock double XP, double stardust, 6 hour lures, and area unique Pokémon for the entire

Pokemon XY Furious Fists Booster Box

Trainers, step within the ring and hearth up your ferocity for the Pokemon TCG: XY Furious Fistsexpansion! Brace yourselves for a grand match not like any earlier than with Mega Lucario-EXand Mega Heracross-EX! And, because the competitors intensifies, a number of Pokemon seem forthe first time within the Pokemon TCG – each desperate to show itself as a grasp of battle! Witha group backed by brand-new Trainer playing cards to

If all energetic gamers hit the 500 Pokémon catch cap yesterday, then there have been AT THE VERY LEAST 600ok energetic gamers on the primary day of the occasion : TheSilphRoad

Niantic simply introduced that 298,159,864 Pokémon had been caught on the primary day of the problem. If you mix that data with the very fact that there’s a most variety of Pokémon a participant can catch per day (500) we are able to get a decrease sure on the full variety of energetic gamers. Assuming each participant who participated caught the every day most, then there have been no fewer

Pokémon GO Travel, Global Catch Challenge introduced

From Bulbanews, your group Pokémon newspaper. Challenge begins now Monday, November 20, 2017 This article delivered to you by Bulbanews, your group Pokémon newspaper. Link to this article [url=//bulbanews.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_GO_Travel,_Global_Catch_Challenge_announced] Pokémon GO Travel, Global Catch Challenge introduced[/url] Pokémon GO Travel, Global Catch Challenge introduced Global Catch Challenge rewards Pokémon GO is launching a brand new Pokémon GO Travel video sequence, accompanied by a worldwide Global Catch Challenge. The goal of the Global Catch Challenge