Pokémon GO – Dealing With Terrible Catch Rates

Well, this isn’t a very positive article today; it’s quite the contrary, in fact. Not long ago, I published a more upbeat article about the increased spawns of Kanto Starter Pokémon and what this very specific choice as an event meant. Though all clouds have a silver lining, all rosebushes have thorns. I have lost quite a large amount of Bulbasaurs and Charmanders, in fact, a ridiculous amount at that.

[Humor] The Dratini Struggle is Real

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Pokemon Spawn Glitch occurs extra typically after spawn occasions finish?

  It seems as if trainers have been having trouble with Pokemon turning into Pokemon they didn’t caught even after a fix took place months ago to prevent this. This glitch seems to only happen after a spawn event from holidays happen. The glitch can even effect Pokemon spawns that haven’t been effected due to the current holiday.  More recently a trainer named HannahMFO ignored a Meowth as it it seems to

Why cannot I open Pokémon Go after taking part in in China?

I have been playing Pokémon Go since August 2016. I am currently level 18. During Christmas break, I visited China. I decided to see if Pokémon Go works there. I opened the app and found that I was able to log in. I played for a little while as I was waiting for dinner. After that, however, I was unable to open my Pokémon Go app even after I came

How To Play Pokemon Go In Cyanogenmod Or In Rooted Devices

With this simple trick you can play Pokemon go in any device with cyanogen mod and also in alla rooted devices Watch on YouTube

Pokémon Go: A Razz Berry Short-Cut Button Could assist

Pokémon Go: A Razz Berry Short-Cut Button Could help Hey all, now someone has thought of something which could save a little time when it comes to catching Pokémon, a button for Razz Berries. What I mean is a small button on the side of the screen above the camera and bag button, which will help all players when catching Pokémon. Pokémon Go: A Razz Berry Short-Cut Button Could help

Newbie Questions, Bugs, and Gameplay Megathread - 6 Jan 17

Old Megathread I am sick of the memes right here, I need the dialogue posts! attempt http://nr.reddit.com/r/pokemongo for desktop customers or this for cell/app customers. Niantic assist (anticipate delays as a result of Niantic): https://assist.pokemongo.nianticlabs.com/hc/en-us /r/PokemonGO FAQ: /r/PokemonGo/wiki/FAQ by /u/getbetterjohn, amended by /u/RocketJumpingOtter WHY AREN’T POKESTOPS OR GYMS LOADING NEAR ME?! If you are outdoors the official launch areas, that is to be anticipated (Niantic appears to dam the sport

Pokémon Go: Should Niantic Introduce Type Only Gyms?

Pokémon Go: Should Niantic Introduce Type Only Gyms? Hey all, so there are many opinions when it comes to gyms in Pokémon Go, with a lot of people getting tired of the same Pokémon always appearing and missing the days with variety, while others just want gyms left the way they are. Well I’m one of the people who want to see more than just the same five or six


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