Blurgh! The ThinkGeek Blog – Timmy’s Costuming Corps: Epic Creations

Blurgh! The ThinkGeek Blog - Timmy's Costuming Corps: Epic Creations

Meet wabbit!

wabbit made Timmy’s cosplay for ReyKick-Assand Hit-Girl aka Hit-Timmy. Let’s discover out somewhat extra about her…

What do you love to do?

I write fanfic and blogs, make costumes, construct Lego, watch motion pictures/TV, learn comics, play with my canine, worship my cat, and infrequently run numerous distances and/or do triathlons for charity. I additionally do a good bit of Rebel Legion stuff. And I work a day job to make cash to pay for all this geekery.

What taste of geek are you?

Tiger’s Blood. That’s my favourite snow cone taste, anyway. Oh. You meant what sort of geek. Um…sci-fi? Star Wars/Trek/Gate. Then comics. Mostly Marvel, however another titles, too. I really like Firefly and The X-Files and Farscape. I am a devoted Ravenclaw, too. I am a lot much less into fantasy (with the aforementioned Harry Potter and Star Wars apart – sure, Star Wars is fantasy, of us) and I do know hardly something about anime and gaming (aside from Pokemon – I do play Pokemon GO fairly a bit).

How do you get your inspiration?

So, a number of years earlier than Think Geek requested for Timmy costumes, I made particular Timmy Clones for some mates of mine. I used to be fairly new to stitching then and did it as a challenge to see if I may. It turned out fairly effectively, so once I noticed noticed a tweet about making Timmy costumes years later, I investigated. I appeared on the record of “most wanted” costumes and noticed Hit-Girl on it, so I signed up. Since I would performed a Hit-Girl for myself not too long ago, I had cloth left over, so why not? Then it was simply miniaturizing every little thing.

The subsequent yr, I made Kick-Ass as a result of nobody else had, and Hit-Timmy wanted a companion.

And then Rey was on essentially the most wished record the subsequent yr, and once more, I would not too long ago performed Rey for myself, so tiny copying commenced.

If you needed to give others one tip about costuming Timmy, it will be

Remember that Timmy’s ft are ginormousso any pants should account for that if you wish to get them on and off. Timmy’s fingers have the identical impact, however much less so. Oh! And hook aspect Velcro sticks to Timmy Clones! This is helpful for wigs and such.


That bolding within the final one is ours. We have on a number of events made pants for Timmy after which realized his ft would not match. Want to know extra about wabbit? Follow her Twitter account @wabbit89!

On that be aware, enable us to remind you that

have a contest working within the shops and at ThinkGeek World Domination
HQ for the last word costume for Timmy to put on to Comic-Con 2018. Make
with the click of the hyperlink above for particulars!

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