Breeding, Poke facilities and Meowth Pay Day : pokemongo

Breeding, Poke facilities and Meowth Pay Day : pokemongo

I used to be strolling right now with my girlfriend across the metropolis and we have been serious about elements of animated sequence and video games which aren’t but included in pokemon go.

Our dialogue direct in just a few matters:

  1. When we have been catching Meowths we thought why there cannot be pay day- I do know that every day restrict at health club is 50 cash and that is honest, however to catch particular Meowth with pay day transfer can be nice ( once more with every day restrict of cash you could earn whereas utilizing this transfer.

  2. Another factor which we debated was a Poke Centers, like within the the unique recreation the place you’ll be able to heal pokemon.

My girlfriend was serious about a spot that might heal pokemon instantly and than not for use once more for 5-6 hours however I believed that it is a bit unfair between totally different pokemon CP. If they may keep there and get well with time; after all with limits in every.

Pokemons with increased CP would take longer to get well which might gave decrease CP pokemons longer probability to remain in gyms. Also to steadiness misplaced of time there could possibly be a small quantity of CP enhance per interval of time ( like 15 minutes) or another method for increased stage trainers to be honest with them about this longer get well time.

three. Breeding of the pokemons was fairly enjoyable within the recreation – I do know that there’s already system of eggs hatching in recreation however it might be entertaining to have middle the place You can put Your pokemons of each genders there and go away them for some period of time and received possibly not egg however for instance quantity of candies like 1 sweet per three hours ( or another variety of candies per period of time).

Please let me know what You skinny as a result of all this concepts cannot run out of our each heads.

Apologise as nicely if I publish it in flawed place.

Wish You all good Sunday catches and raid battles!

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