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Can I alter the order during which my pokemon combat earlier than a gymnasium battle?

Yes, you can change the order of your Pokemon when battling a gym in Pokemon Go. To change a Pokemon, enter the gym and tap the button that has a boxing glove icon in the bottom right corner. When your list of Pokemon appears (you should have six Pokemon appear, these will be your Pokemon for the gym battle), they go in order from top left to bottom right. This

Pokemon go e-mail solely

I only remember my email, don’t remember user name, or player id, and the birthday is not working, maybe I put in random. Please help. See on Reddit

Why would a Pokemon have the incense glow?

Today while playing Pokemon Go, I popped an incense to try and catch some Pokemon. After the incense kicked in, two Pidgeys showed up. One of them was normal, however the other had the incense glow floating around the other. I’ve never seen this before. Why would the incense be floating around the Pidgeys? See on Reddit

Is there a dependable solution to dodge Snorlax's Hyper Beam?

After some research on the interwebs, I’ve found some helpful hints for you and your Snorlax predicament. From a rant on a post from the GameFAQs Forum: Just dodging isn’t enough, and the positioning isn’t relevant. You can be standing behind your opponent and he can still hit you. The mechanic is based off timing. What matters is when you dodge. The timings are different for each attack. The important

I am caught in a single place and may't transfer in Pokémon Go

On Apple’s iPhones, users report that Pokemon GO freezes consistently when simply trying to complete a capture. Why this happens is unclear, but Reddit users report that switching their LTE connection in the Cellular settings from on to off solves the problem. Without LTE the game can still use the rest of the cellular network to connect. Users with other smartphones report the issue happens on Android too, and that

In Pokémon Go, which Pokémon and movesets ought to I take advantage of to beat Blissey within the shortest time attainable?

Since it’s a normal-type, fighting-type moves will be super effective against Blissey which means they will do 1.4x damage. As normal isn’t super-effective against any types, your defender’s type doesn’t matter very much (though having a fighting-type Pokémon will benefit from 20% additional damage due to STAB). Any high-CP Pokémon who can learn fighting-type moves (and has a high attack stat) is a good choice. The best choices for this

New Pokémon Go gyms - no "add pokemon" button

The gym you are looking at is currently full. The maximum Pokémon that can be in a gym is now 6, down from the original 10. Contrary to the old system, you do not need to train a gym to level it up in order to make room. Once a gym is claimed by a team, 5 other players can add a unique Pokémon to the gym. The only way

How to log into pokemon go utilizing google WITHOUT including the google account to the android telephone?

I usually play on my personal (ios) phone. But I forgot to bring it with me to work. I want to play on my work phone, but I don’t want to add my personal google account to the work phone. Is there a way to log into pokemon go WITHOUT having to add the google account to the phone? See on Reddit

Can I log in from an Android telephone with out utilizing the telephone's google account?

I’ve got a pokemon go game started with my google account and have been playing with my son. My wife wants to put the game on her phone too so she can play with him during the week. But on her phone (Google Android), it seems to force login with her own google account set up on her phone. On mine (iOS), after hitting Sign In, it actually gives me

How do I add a Pokestop to my space?

How do I add a Pokestop to an area that has none? It is an area where there are tons of businesses but unless I drive about a mile from my work area there are no Pokestops. I want to add one since we have 1000’s of people in the work area, a lot of them play Pokemon Go, and we all can’t leave work to drive a mile away