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Pokemon go bag full!

My pokemon account is saying that my bag is full but it is not full. I have plenty of room and I can collect items no bother at pokemon stops. I can’t catch pokemon as it comes up saying my bag is full. Can you help? See on Reddit

How can I enhance my accessible Pokemon

By your comment is seems that you are asking how many different Pokemon can you possibly encounter, not how many Pokemon can you store at any one time. In that case currently only Generation 1 and 2 Pokemon are available (a total of 251), however there are a small handful of those 251 which are currently not available or require special circumstances to find or catch. The list of Pokemon

What are the sort parts vulnerabilities?

There are a lot of elements, so I’m just going to link to this table which summarises them all for Pokemon X & Y; I expect the list for Pokemon Go may be slightly different, but I don’t think anyone has yet compiled a table for that. For example, water is super effective against fire, fire is super effective against grass, and grass is super effective against water. And here

Pokemon Go unable to login with Gmail [closed]

I already played many hours of Pokemon Go, but since yesterday I am unable to login with my Gmail account. After I sign up I see this screen: This screen wont change, not even after a of couple hours. I reinstalled the game twice and restart my phone but this did not fix the problem. I am not in a country where it’s released. I downloaded my game from apkmirror

Will the Samsung Galaxy Nexus run Pokémon Go?

It might actually run quite well, barring the OS incompatibility. Since Robotnik’s answer doesn’t go into a lot of detail I’ll fill in a few more details about what will likely happen. First off, we must consider that programs consist (in general) of four main chunks of memory. Code Static Space Heap Space Stack/Function Space The first one is fairly obvious and straightforward. It is the compiled binary code. The

I've an iPod Touch fifth gen. Can I play Pokemon Go?

You can not play Pokemon GO on an iPod Touch 5G reliably. As Pokemon GO requires players and their devices to provide the game with an accurate position (which WiFi triangulation does not), you will face frequent GPS errors. In order to pull off positioning with WiFi reliably, you need to be in a very WiFi-heavy location (at least 10-11 networks with location data assigned). These, unfortunately, are not too

Looking for Pokestops Map of Madrid [on hold]

I am playing pokemon-go from my cellphone and I am looking for a map of pokestops in Madrid. All I can find is: Pokemon Go Madrid but it is not accurate. Has anyone an accurate map with pokestops of Madrid? See on Reddit

Where do I get Golden Razz Berries from?

You can only get Golden Razz Berries as a drop from defeating a raid boss. The higher tier the raid is, the higher number of drops you can get, including Golden Razz Berries. I’ve personally received 10+ from defeating tier 3-4 raids. From Pokemon GO Hub: Pokémon GO Golden Razz Berry is a special variant of the commonly known Razz Berry. It can be used for two purposes: fully restoring

Play Pokémon Go On An Amazon Fire Phone?

Here is a tutorial on how to install Pokemon Go on a Fire OS 5 device: Breakdown of the procedure: Tested OS: Fire OS 5 (Bellini) Go to Settings > Security > and turn on Apps from Unknown Sources (the option may be found under Settings > Applications on older devices) Download the latest Google Account Manager .APK Open the Google Account Manager .APK file and hit Install Download

Having hassle signing in on pokemon go with pill [on hold]

Tablet keeps trying to sign in with birthday See on Reddit