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Do some pokemon gamers not see all pokestops?

My son and I play Pokemon Go collectively. I take advantage of a google account and he has a PTC account, as he’s beneath 13. We every have our personal Android gadget. On his recreation, he doesn’t see the Starbucks stops. Is this anticipated? Have you encountered this with different sponsored stops (like Sprint shops?) Is there any solution to permit him to see the sponsored stops, in need of

pokemon go - Why will not Pokémon Go keep logged in?

With Pokémon go, it says you’ve got been signed out of google and I hold having to signal into google. Because it says I am signed out, I register with the appropriate password but it surely nonetheless goes again to the identical display screen. Why will not it simply register and cease that? I cant play anymore, age has nothing to do with it as a result of I am

Pokémon Go: Linking Facebook and Google to a PTC account after which unlink/take away PTC?

Linking Facebook and Google to a PTC account would enable then to unlink/take away PTC? Basically, after I hyperlink Google and Facebook I need to ensure that nobody will ever be capable to login into Pokémon Go utilizing the PTC account. Thank you. See on Reddit

pokemon go - Incense and Lucky Eggs final lower than 30 minutes

Does your incense and fortunate eggs begin to rely down from 9 minutes and 30 secs or any time length lower than 30 minutes? Whenever I exploit incense or fortunate eggs, the timer on the aspect begins from 9:30 after which counts all the way down to zero, though within the description for these things, it says that every merchandise lasts for 30 minutes. See on Reddit

How lengthy does shadow banning final? [on hold]

In Pokémon GO, there’s a ban referred to as shadow ban used for combating spoofers (location cheaters). It removes a number of the extra rarer Pokemon from sight for these affected. How lengthy does this shadowban final? quotation required See on Reddit

pokemon go - Special Evolution gadgets

That relies upon partially in your play type – If you might be simply accumulating Pokemon to fill out your Pokedex and “catch ’em all”, then you might by no means want to make use of an Up-Grade on a couple of Porygon. If, nonetheless, you catch a Porygon with higher stats, you might need to Up-Grade and practice THAT one right into a Porygon2 as nicely. Also, Pokemon Go

technical points - Is it attainable to log again right into a Pokemon Go account?

When you create an account you both need to have a password to your pokemon coach account, or log in by your google account, which might imply your google username and password. This means you’ll be able to’t begin with out having a password. If these choices aren’t sufficient, you’ll be able to most likely discover a related matter or electronic mail tackle to contact Pokemon Go help on their

pokemon go - Should I prioritize Pokémon on their base strengths or try to shore up a weaker stat?

Considering how small the distinction is right here, any impact can be barely noticeable… …which isn’t going to cease me doing the maths. The injury formulation was mentioned on this reply. It seems sophisticated however the bit we want is that incoming injury is proportional to 1/protection. The hp formulation I discovered right here was rather a lot easier than anticipated. The necessary half is that it is proportional to

pokemon go - How I get some pokéstops in my city?

This query already has a solution right here: My city would not have any pokéstops or gyms. Somehow it has 700 gamers however no pokéstops or gyms. Players cannot go out to get some pokéballs or anything as a result of it is too far-off from my city. How can I get pokéstops or gyms added to my city? See on Reddit

Please assist me in pokemon go [duplicate]

This query already has a solution right here: I can't play Pokemon GO! What's incorrect? 5 solutions I’ve two gmail accounts and one works completely advantageous. But the opposite one give the message of Our servers are humbled by your unbelievable response We are engaged on fixing the issue. Please strive once more quickly And all of the servers are up ? See on Reddit