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Transfer game to another phone

My daughter didn’t have a phone that allowed the Pokemon go App so we downloaded it on to my S6. She now has a phone that allows the app. Could you please tell me how I transfer her game from my S6 to her Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime? She doesn’t want to be forced to start over. I am technology challenged so I the information as simple as possible. Also

Pokemon Go not working on mobile data [duplicate]

It connects to Pokemon Go via wi-fi perfectly fine, but when I try and connect to Pokemon Go via 3G it just gets stuck at the first bar on the loading screen with the eventual pop up saying “Failed to get player information from the server.” My 3G connection works perfectly fine with every other app I have, and has been easily able to stream HD videos so I can’t

i cant open my pokemon go account

i cant open my Pokemon go account of trainer club but other account of (google account ) its working but not the trainer club one it says “its unable to authenticate please try again” what should i do? See on Reddit

Can anyone help me with my Pokemon go

Why can’t I see piles of leaves in my map area? Additionally, in the “Nearby Pokémon” there should be footprints underneath them indicating how far away they are, and nothing is showing on mine (it’s not because I’m to far away from them, I never have footprints). Does anybody know why this is? See on Reddit

How do you train your Pokémon in Pokémon GO when all gyms you can visit are too high level?

While a bit counter-intuitive, training at a gym is beneficial for the gym, rather than your Pokémon. The “training” you’re thinking of is “powering up” in this game. Training at a gym will raise the prestige of the gym, which levels the gym itself up and allows more Pokémon to be placed inside of it to defend it from rival teams. Powering up your Pokémon will increase their level by

How can I make a Pokemon Go Gym? [on hold]

I would like my own Pokemon Go gym. Can I please have my own gym at my house because I have no mobile data which means I can not get poke coins without spending actual money? See on Reddit

How can I fix this Pokemon GO spinning Pokéstops problem? [duplicate]

I find that I experience this if I try spinning a Pokéstop too quickly after clicking it. This is especially true when the Pokéstop image hasn’t loaded yet. Try waiting longer before you spin the Pokéstop. Even if you get stuck with Try again later., you should be able to just wait 5 minutes and spin it. See on Reddit

Formula to calculate pokemon go evolutions

I am trying to write a simple excel formula to calculate the number of evolutions I can make based on my candy and number of pokemon. I am trying to maximize XP, so I am only trying to evolve any given pokemon once. For some reason I couldnt find this in a brief google search. This was what I came up with, anyone have any suggestions, either to simplify the

Pokemon go logging into google

Having similar issue. Still in never ending loop. Put in birthday ,select Google, email address for gmail ,then it goes back to birthday again. Using Samsung galaxy 6 with latest updates. Accidentally signed out when Pokemon froze. Funny thing is if do the same thing on iPad it logs right in. Tried uninstall ,clearing cache and data, rebooting, loggining in and out of Google and creating new

Why can't I connect to Pokemon GO via "Google" option?

After I press the Google option, it goes to a quick load screen and then does the normal loading. After 1 or more minutes, it says “Can’t connect.” I downloaded the newest update, and I saw the new title (not the one with Gyrados or whatever that water dragon was), but still. What could be causing this? See on Reddit