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How do you get a Pokémon go gymnasium above 52000? [duplicate]

I set-up a level 10 gym today. After hitting 50,000, I wanted to bump prestige up a little more but could not. A few hours later the gym was briefly attacked and prestige fell to 47,000. I fought back and raised prestige to 49,000, then left for a few hours. Someone chipped-in with gym defense and currently, the prestige level is exactly (52,000 / 50,000). How is this possible when

What names are available? [duplicate]

Unfortunately, there is no way to look at available names for Pokémon Go. Your only real option is to keep trying usernames. There are still a few considerations that might make it easier to find a username you are happy with: The more simple the name, the more likely it will already be taken: Simple usernames are usually the first to go. This includes simple words, or names. Consider using

My phone broke and I don't have any of my login details. Is there any way to recover my account? [duplicate]

According to Niantic’s Pokémon Go support page here: If you signed up with Google, and remember the email you used, just use the “Forgot your password?” link on Google, and follow the directions, then sign in again on Pokémon Go. If you can’t remember the email, and if you have a recovery email address or phone number added to your Google account, use Google’s username recovery form located here:

How does the Pokedex look in Pokémon Go after catching a Pokemon whose number is greater than some which aren't in the game yet?

You will have a bunch of blank entries for all of the ones that you have not yet seen or caught between the last Gen 1 Pokemon you’ve caught and the first Gen 2 Pokemon you’ve caught (hatched, at the moment). From this Silph Road post, it has been confirmed that the 100 Gen 2 Pokemon are now referenced in the game’s code and should thus have Pokedex entries, even

I cannot choose my first Pokemon in Pokemon Go

I cannot choose my first Pokemon in Pokemon Go. How can I fix this? See on Reddit

Can a Pichu wearing a Santa hat hatch from an egg?

As described in Why is Pikachu wearing a Santa hat and what does it mean?, there is a limited time promotion where wild Pikachu can be wearing a Santa hat. Additionally, if they are evolved into Raichu, they too will be wearing a Santa hat. Pikachu’s pre-evolution is Pichu, and the most recent update announced a Johto Holiday and the ability for Pichu to hatch from eggs Professor Willow has

Will Pokémon Go Plus device read speed?

Based on the report here, it looks like the Pokemon Go Plus accessory will track walking distance the same as if you had the app open (but you don’t have to have it open). Pretty much all of Pokemon Go Plus’ other functions will work with the app running in the background, too. That means that you can finally lock your screen, tuck your phone away in your pocket and

Forgot Pokemon Go Player ID

I can remember my user name, but without the player ID I can’t request a new password. It won’t allow me to set up a completely new account with the same email either (which I tried out of frustration) Please help See on Reddit

In Pokémon Go can the other IVs be in the same "range" as the "strongest" IV?

When appraising a Pokémon, the team leader tells you which IV is the strongest. Then they give you a hint, as to what the value of the strongest IV is. For example, if you’re on team Valor, the leader might say “Its HP is its strongest feature.”, followed by “its stats indicate that in battle, it’ll get the job done.”. Which means that stamina is the highest IV, and it

Why does my mobile data turn off when I play Pokemon Go?

Basically, my problem is I cannot play Pokemon Go while on mobile data. I can’t play because whenever I open the app while I’m on mobile data, it turns the mobile data off. I can however play while on WIFI connection, but it sucks that I can’t walk around anymore and play the game. I have tried all fix that I can search of, 1. Cleared cache, uninstall and reinstall.