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The sport will not work on my wifi after a brand new router put in

My pokemon Go worked great on wi-fi or on cell data. However, I installed a new TP brand router at my house and an extender (not sure if that is important). I named the router exactly the same as my old router so most my equipment would auto pick it up. My phone sees the new router, hooks to it, works great and I have a download of over 30-50MPBS.

Can a pokemon go plus pair with a number of telephones?

I have only been able to successfully pair my pokemon go plus with one particular phone (a Note Edge). I’ve tried pairing the same pokemon go plus with other phones (not simultaneously but at different times) including a galaxy s6, and a number of other android phones and it fails to pair. So, this has me wondering whether a single pokemon go plus will pair with other phones. I am

Why cannot I open Pokémon Go after taking part in in China?

I have been playing Pokémon Go since August 2016. I am currently level 18. During Christmas break, I visited China. I decided to see if Pokémon Go works there. I opened the app and found that I was able to log in. I played for a little while as I was waiting for dinner. After that, however, I was unable to open my Pokémon Go app even after I came

Why is it so onerous to reset my password for Pokemon go? [duplicate]

If you’ve used a Google Account to sign-up, there’s no password entry required on Android phones. (unless you have multiple Google Accounts attached to the phone, with password required on one of them.) On iOS, it’s tied to a Google account as well, but you will need to sign-in with {email address} and {password}. If you need to recover your Google Account, visit the following link: If you signed

Logging in through Pokemon coach membership vs Google account

All the game data is stored on server side, you can log in and out with as many accounts/game progresses as you wish from the same device and everything will keep working fine. When you logged in with a google account you loaded a new (empty) profile and game progress in which nothing had been done yet. As soon as you log in with your old account again, the old

Can't login to pokemon go with google

I have the same problem, I will give you advice but resource is only personal experience. This problem affects Android 4.4.4 and the workaround is to create a Pokemon Trainer Club account (PTC). After you create one, try loging in with your PTC, after you get in game, choose options and Sign Out. Now you should be able to log in with your google account. Disclaimer: Even this work around

"Unable to authenticate error" whereas making an attempt to create a Pokemon GO account

I know I am a few months late to the big Pokemon GO craze, but since I am a big Pokemon fan, I wanted to try it out. I’m a simple woman and I would just like to play Pokemon GO. However, I am having a strange issue creating an account. At first, I was getting the “GPS signal not found” error, which I fixed by running Google Maps in

Can you begin with Pikachu in Pokemon Go?

I’ve heard you can start with pikachu in pokemon go instead of the 3 standard starters. How would one do this? Is this even possible? See on Reddit

How do I choose a starter?

In Pokemon Go, I cannot choose a starter. I’ve tapped on the Pokemon, but nothing happens. What do I do? After I create my character then I start. My character never moves but I see the starters. But I can choose any of them. See on Reddit

Are we allowed to ship Pokéstop Submissions to Niantic?

This form has now been taken down. I can see no substitute at this time, and I believe Niantic is not currently accepting new Pokestop submissions. The below answer – in its original form – is obsolete. You can submit new Pokestops using this form. Word of caution, while it is an official form, this is almost definitely subject to change, and is probably not going to be a stable