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How to throw a Pokeball far in Pokemon Go?

Recently, I caught a Pidgeot after roughtly 50 pokeballs. However, most of the pokeballs were simply not closing the vertical gap between the bottom of the screen and the pokemon, which is higher for certain pokemon. I experimented with different speeds and release times with my finger, but I’m still not sure exactly what works best. I’m looking for some tips on how to throw farther, or otherwise how to

In Pokemon Go, I by no means received an egg. Is egg not enabled in USA?

The lucky egg is just an item, and does not need to be used in an incubator. As for eggs themselves, it seems unlikely that you are simply unlucky enough to never get an Egg. From the Pokemon tab, if you swipe to the left or click “Eggs” at the top, you will see your egg inventory. If you have earned any without knowing it, they will appear here. See

Does the Micromax Spark not assist Pokémon go?

The phone probably doesn’t support the game. Is there a reason (besides that it might’nt be available in your country in the Play Store) why you downloaded the game from APK Mirror? If it’s not available for your device in Play Store, then your phone could crash due to overheating while loading the game. See on Reddit

Pokemon Go, Google Account instantly not working anymore

I suggest you try deleting pokemon go’s chache or app data before reinstalling, or even unlink your google account as well, and link it back in the dialog you get when you click sign in with google without having an account linked already. If you don’t know how to do those, post your phone model in a comment and I’ll try to guide you into doing those. See on Reddit

I unintentionally signed out on Pokémon go [duplicate]

Ah, okay. I may have just found the answer for myself. Maybe it will help others who are trying to log in. Your user name may not be the same as the name you use on Pokemon Go or other apps they have here. So when you are trying to reset your information you may assume that your user name is the same as the user name that you use

Unable to load Pokemon go on iPhone

This is because China has blocked all of Google’s services. How Pokemon Go works is that it uses the Google Maps API to keep track of your location in real time. However, if it is blocked, then Pokemon Go cannot get your location. If you can’t log in, that’s probably because you’re trying to log in via Google. Again, China blocked Google’s services, so you can’t log in via Google.

How to proceed you recreation with one other account?

You cannot transfer progress from one account to another, but you can allow him to use yours. To do this, add your Google account to his phone (should be an option in the phone’s system settings). Once there are multiple Google accounts on the phone, then Pokemon Go should prompt for which one you want to use. If it doesn’t, go into the permission settings for the app (again, this

Pokemon go invalid username/password

Try using a password that is between 6-15 characters in length. I was able to sign up and sign into the PTC website with a password that is greater than 15 characters in length, but my password was incorrect according to the PG application. My next move was to sign into the PTC website and attempt to change my password from my account settings page, however the input fields indicated

Which variations of the Apple Watch is Pokemon Go appropriate with?

The update for Pokemon Go that integrates it with the Apple Watch has finally been released. However, I cannot find any information about whether it is compatible with the first generation watches, or just the newest shiniest models. Is Pokemon Go compatible with Series 1 Apple watches? See on Reddit

Can Generation 2 Pokémon (e.g. Pichu) hatch from an egg I bought earlier than the replace that added them?

Unfortunately, all the eggs you got before that update don’t contain any Pokémon from the second generation. The content of an egg is determined at the moment you get the egg. So if your egg contained, for instance, a Charmander, it’s because the egg has been determined to contain a Charmander at the exact moment you obtained it at the Pokéstop. During the update, the old eggs content has not