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Why will not Pokemon go work for me? [on hold]

Whenever I try to catch my starter, the starters are all on top of my character and nothing happens when I press them. I researched and most websites said to do things like making sure your gps signal is on, I restarting your phone but I tried all that and it is still the same each time- Pokemon on top of each other on top of me that don’t let

Transpose geographic coordinates to Unity coordinate system

I’m making a game that works only in a fixed geographical area. The custom I’m making the game for wants to a Pokémon Go-like user interface. There will be a place with a custom image representing the geographical area I was taking about.I successfully transposed the geographic coordinates to cartesian coordinate with the following code: cartesianCoord.x = EARTH_RADIUS * Mathf.Cos (location.latitude) * Mathf.Cos (location.longitude);cartesianCoord.y = EARTH_RADIUS * Mathf.Cos (location.latitude) *

Snorlax 100% IV pokemon go

I cauth a snorlax 100% IV with 419 CP and Im in level 27. I power up this pokemon several times until i finished the snorlax candy. Now, this pokemon have 1111 CP and every power up only increases 1cp. Why? See on Reddit

Pokemon GO Pokemon and GYM's not displaying up

So I download Pokemon GO and every thing was good then I Semi-Jailbreaked my IPhone SE it then doesn’t work but because it’s a Semi jailbreak I can undo it partly and when I go to Pokemon GO I spawn in and there isn’t any GYMs or Pokemone or anything showing up other than the houses and stuff around me. I have tried making new account and stuff and it

Why will not my egg hatch in pokemon go?Bar is full [duplicate]

Much like leveling up, sometimes there is a delay for receiving rewards. This is usually a 2-3 minute delay. If its more, I would try restarting the app. The simplest answer anybody has been able to come up with is: Server Issues. The game has terrible servers at this point, and its even cost some people their eggs completely. It will hatch, and freeze in the middle of it, and

Formula for Pokemon Go IV's?

How are pokemon’s individual values calculated? Simple question, I’m trying to make an app for personal use. See on Reddit

How do I alter my deal with on safari on a iPad

I’m trying to use a Pokemon go website but every time I click on a link it says “safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid I don’t even know what this means I need help! See on Reddit

Things to be stored in thoughts whereas evolving pokemon in pokemon go?

If you evolve purely to gain experience it doesn’t matter what the pokemon stats are (using lucky eggs while evolving many pokemon will help you gain even more xp). If you aim to eventually get the best possible pokemon of that kind, lets say you want to have the best Raticate possible, you want it to have as good Individual Values (IVs) that compose of your pokemons attack, defence and

For Pokemon Go, if a Pokemon confirmed up and a number of individuals caught it, is it the identical Pokemon with the identical, similar IV and perfection?

I have tried it three times, and that seem to the case: the CP and HP are different because the two players are at different levels and one Pokemon has a low CP like 10 or 14, and the other Pokemon has a high CP such as 384. But if I check for the IV and Perfection of the CP 384 Pokemon, it gave me one number, and if I

Lower CP however increased harm? (My confusion over assault harm )

It’s important to know the difference between attacks. As you may have noticed, Pokemon Go supports real time battles, as in the previous Pokemon Games, the battles were round based (so one attack per round). The initial Speed attribute of Pokemons was used to determine who gets to attack first. In Pokemon Go this is missing. The main difference to Pokemon Go is, that in Pokemon Go attacks also have