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In Pokemon Go if you receive the 'Bag Full' message when spinning a PokéStop, does that PokéStop count towards a 'Mega PokéStop'?

I noticed that you said that spinning 10 unique Pokestops in 30 minutes results in the bonus. I believe the mechanics are slightly different. From here: It’s not actually 10 unique in 30 minutes, as is widely believed. It’s 10 unique with no more than 10 minutes between spins of unique Pokestops. It usually takes me 40 or so to get my 10th spin on my way to work. Bonus

What is this Pokemon Go event I've heard about?

According to the official Pokemon site, there will be many bonuses for players who play Pokemon Go between 10/26 and 11/1, mostly revolving around candy. Transferring Pokemon will reward you with 2 candies instead of 1. Catching Pokemon will reward you with 6 candies instead of 3. Hatching Pokemon will reward you with double the candy you would normally receive.

Are small towns more likely to not have nearby pokemon at pokemon stops?

Yes, cities can have more Pokémon than more rural settings. And more pokestops. The earlier Niantic game “Ingress” influenced the structure of Pokémon go, such that a local popularity of Ingress last year makes for more pokestops and Pokémon go in the area. Pokémon go where Ingress was played, which means population centers, Main Street, colleges, attractions like amusement parks, shopping centers and malls, tourist traps, etc. I believe that

In Pokemon Go, if your Pokemon storage is full, would it be a good idea to transfer away Pokemons just because of Movesets?

For example, for Dewgong and Cloyster, they have Icy Wind, but they seem to be quite useless, because they don’t do much damage (in terms of DPS). And Dewgong also has Aqua Jet, but it is a water move, which is not useful if you want ice move. Cloyster has Hydro Pump, which is actually a powerful move, but it is not an ice move if what you want is

Level did not change in Pokemon Go

I was level 21 and earned 50000 points and gained next level. Still the new level is 21 and I need to earn now 75000 points. What went wrong? See on Reddit

Pokemon Go does not load using data on Samsung S6 [duplicate]

It connects to Pokemon Go via wi-fi perfectly fine, but when I try and connect to Pokemon Go via 3G it just gets stuck at the first bar on the loading screen with the eventual pop up saying “Failed to get player information from the server.” My 3G connection works perfectly fine with every other app I have, and has been easily able to stream HD videos so I can’t

Problems logging into my account [duplicate]

Pokémon Go is frequently failing to login on my iPhone, same for my husband (Samsung) and even when we can login, on capturing or randomly, gym battles (1hp) etc, the game will just stop responding. We have WIFI call/WIFI in general also enabled on our phones. Now, we do have bad carrier signal at our home (but excellent WIFI), so easy to blame that, but… This is also the case

Why doesn't high CP necessarily mean that a Pokemon has high IVs?

Look at where the white dots on the semi-circle above the Venonat are. The 600 CP Venonat definitely has a lot more of the semi-circle filled in than the 200 CP Venonat. This is because that semi-circle represents what level your Pokémon are. A higher level Pokémon will have higher CP than a much lower level Pokémon with higher IVs. CP stands for Combat Power. CP is a number calculated

Login keeps prompting me to enter birthday?

I had an issue with my pokemon go and decided to uninstall the app and reinstall it. But when I go to put in my birthday (1995) and login to Google, it restarts and prompts me to enter my birthday again. I tried signing in and out of Google on my phone, I tried resyncing and I’m at a loss here.any help is appreciated. See on Reddit

Pokemon GO account..? [duplicate]

Logging out is risky. I did after playing for a couple of weeks. When I logged back in my account was reset to level 2 with only my first two captures. My nickname had been changed to the first half of my gmail address. (ironically a name I had tried to use during initial sign-up but told was not available) I opened up a support ticket on the issue and