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Pokemon GO arrived and gymnasiums are owned by lvl 20+ gamers

Pokemon GO officially arrived at my country yesterday. I started playing it today, and found out gyms are already owned by people with lvl 20-26 and pokemons with CP over 2K. I chose to be team blue and most gyms are owned by my team, a few are owned by team red. This indicates that there is some war on the city among these 2 teams, no yellow team gym

Discord bot, job destroyed

I’m trying to make a bot for discord that send some coords to the chat channel, but when i run it after 2 minutes it stops giving the error the task was destroyed..i’m not really good with python so if u want to explain i’ll be glad to learn import discordimport asyncioimport timeimport datetimefrom skiplagged import Skiplaggedclient = discord.Client()pf = Skiplagged()def loginServer(): client.login(‘token-discord’)async def pokeFinder(): channel = discord.Object(id=’channel_id’) bounds =

Pokemon go will not load on iPhone 6

Pokemon go won’t load on iPhone 6 My account I can access to an iPhone 5 but when I try to access it through my iPhone 6 it keeps sending me back to the verification of pokemon wants to know and verify through my Google account See on Reddit