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PokemonGo wont completely load [duplicate]

Pokémon Go is frequently failing to login on my iPhone, same for my husband (Samsung) and even when we can login, on capturing or randomly, gym battles (1hp) etc, the game will just stop responding. We have WIFI call/WIFI in general also enabled on our phones. Now, we do have bad carrier signal at our home (but excellent WIFI), so easy to blame that, but… This is also the case

Pokemon Go: Is the sightings list of pokemon sorted according to distance from me?

In the example below, does it mean that eevee is the closest to me, or is there any sort order? See on Reddit

Pokémon go won't start on mobile data since the Buddy update

Yes I saw the other question and checked to ensure that all the suggestions from the other to make sure everything was where it should be. The only change recently were normal updates and the Buddy update for Pokémon Go. I was not having any problem at all until the Buddy update. Now I can only access Pokémon Go with a wifi signal. I have unlimited talk/text/data plan. Since the

Stardust bug - levels won't change

Stardust levels same. On all my Pokemon. They do not change. I have logged on and off. I have rebooted. I have deleted app and reinstalled. I have sent numerous emails to Pokemon go issues. See on Reddit

What is the most gyms that can be seen while standing in one spot?

In the whole world, what is highest number of gyms that can be seen on the map at once in Pokemon Go? See on Reddit

Problems with log in by google acc

2 days ago, i’ve updated pokemon go to 0.37.1. Now when i log in with google account, game just rebooting and doesn’t log in, i’ve tried to unsync my playing google acc, force stop the game, clear cache and data, nothing helped me, PLEASE, help me to resolve that problem. P.S. Pokemon go official version, my phone samsung Galaxy s5 Edge , OS 6.0.1 . See on Reddit

How do people get 2000+ CP Pokemon?

I’m currently a level 12 player of Pokemon Go. The highest level CP Pokemon I’ve caught so far is CP 468. However, I often see that the gyms are populated with Pokemon with CP 2000+. How do people get such high CP Pokemon? Is it because they spent a lot of stardust and candies powering up their Pokemon? See on Reddit

Why can't I see any Pokemon on the map or my buddy pokemon

It’s never done this before until I updated Pokemon Go. I can’t see any pokemon on the map, (I can see the little rings where the Pokemon appears but can’t actually see the Pokemon which prevents me from taping on it and catching it) and i can’t see my buddy pokemon(Ivysaur), i can see him in the little circle beside my avater when im walking, but when I tap on

Pokemon Go: Re-buddying Pikachu [on hold]

Assume I buddy walked >10km with Pikachu A and it now sits on my shoulder. If I evolve it into a Raichu, will it still be able to sit on my shoulder (assuming the evolved form is BUDDY_SHOULDER type too)? If I buddy pikachu B now, will pikachu B sit on my shoulder? If I buddy a gastly and then change back

iPod 6th gen Pokemon Go [on hold]

I have an 6th-generation iPod Touch; is it possible to play Pokémon go on this device? See on Reddit