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Does the throw bonus have an effect on catch fee?

In Pokemon Go when catching a Pokemon the throw can be rewarded with an experience bonus (if the catch is successful). The possible throw bonuses are nice (10 exp), great (50), excellent (100) and curveball (10). I have a theory, simply based on personal experiences, that achieving a throw bonus could increase the catch rate of the attempted capture. Is there any evidence to suggest that this may actually be

Pokemon Go: Everything hundreds aside from gyms

When I try battling in a gym, it shows me the picture of the battlefield and nothing else. My connection is fine as I can walk around and catch Pokemon and go to Pokestops. Is there a fix for this? See on Reddit

Android - How to get course from system to a degree like pokemon go?

I want to make a demo like pokemon Go, so how can I get direction from my device’s camera facing to a pre-defined point? I am using Sensor.TYPE_ACCELEROMETER, Sensor.TYPE_MAGNETIC_FIELD to get the azimuth, pitch, roll but I can’t get that direction when device perpendicular to ground. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks. See on Reddit

issues with exchanging fortunate cash on Pokemon Go

When I tried to do an exchange of poke coins for Pokeballs. It shows an image that says” Your collection is full!! go to upgrade” I have already done 2 upgrades, and it still shows the same image.My collection is not full, it’s 59 / 3:50, what can I do? See on Reddit

does pokemon go completely require cell information

I recently downloaded and installed pokemon go on my galaxy s3 which for some reason is not available on the app market for this device… on installing it succeeded with no problems on an unrooted unmodded device and it opened and ran through the screens of setup and logged in to the created club account. but once that process completed I am now stuck at a blue screen with a

creating map pins utilizing google now

I want to develop an app which helps pokemon go players find their treasure. It is possible to put pins on map using google now commands? F.E: -Ok, google-Mark epic pokemon here/(or if custom commands are not possible) send a message to epic with A pin would be put on map with the sign of an epic pokemon. See on Reddit

Special assault blue bars

The blue bar isn’t something that’s related to the Pokemon. Instead, the blue bar (called as the energy bar) is the one that depends on the move you use. Powerful moves, that hits very hard generally have a single solid bar, which means, it requires more energy and time to fill the single solid bar, but in return, it hits harder. On the other hand, the small bars does significantly

Change identify second time in Pokemon Go? [on hold]

With the new update to Pokemon Go I decided to change my nickname, but used my real name. Currently I am unaware of how to change it for a second time. If someone could tell me how that would be great. See on Reddit

Can I alter the order during which my pokemon battle earlier than a gymnasium battle?

Yes, you can change the order of your Pokemon when battling a gym in Pokemon Go. To change a Pokemon, enter the gym and tap the button that has a boxing glove icon in the bottom right corner. When your list of Pokemon appears (you should have six Pokemon appear, these will be your Pokemon for the gym battle), they go in order from top left to bottom right. This

Pokemon GO iOS URL Scheme

The URL Scheme has changed to com.googleusercontent.apps.848232511240-dmrj3gba506c9svge2p9gq35p1fg654p in version 1.1.0. Version 1.1.1 uses this URL Scheme also. Discovered the URL Scheme thanks to @rmaddy’s comment. The URL Scheme to open Pokemon GO on an iOS device is, b335b2fc-69dc-472c-9e88-e6c97f84091c-3://. Seems like they do not intend for other developers to use the URL Scheme considering the way it is formatted. I’d be cautious implementing this in a published application for now. Swift