PokemonGO Gen II – New Evolutions, Pre-Evolutions, and Split Evolutions

PokemonGO Gen II – New Evolutions, Pre-Evolutions, and Split Evolutions Since Pokemon GO Generation 2 Pokemon are almost around the corner, trainers are asking questions everywhere and are curious, What Pokemon shall I keep and what shall I transfer? Worry Not! One of the reddit user ShiningSolarSword  made a list on how Gen II will add to existing Pokemon families. Below is the list and New Gen II Pokemon have their

Pokémon Go: Should Niantic Introduce Mini Games Or Pokémon training?

Pokémon Go: Should Niantic Introduce Mini Games Or Pokémon training? Hey all, this has been on my mind since Pokémon Go first came out and that’s why hasn’t Niantic introduced any mini games in which we can train and improve our Pokémon? For the moment all we Pokémon Go fans are is collectors with apart from gyms, having nothing really to do with them after we catch them. It’s a

Pokemon Sun and Moon Review in Progress

Nintendo provided a copy of the game for this review in progress, however it came with the stipulation that we cannot discuss “events or gameplay” after the Hokulani Observatory Trial, which is on the third island. Depending on your playstyle, this is roughly 15-20 hours into the game. One of my biggest frustrations with Pokemon games over the years has been keeping track of what beats what in the games’

Recent increase in catch difficulty?

Welcome, new travelers! Learn: About the Silph Road » Contribute your data to the Global Nest Atlas » Silph Chat (Discord) Silph Road YouTube Free DOWNLOADS Pokemon GO FAQ Silph Road FAQ Gear Shop (SWAG!) Find Your Local Silph Road Community » The Silph Road is a grassroots network of Pokémon GO™ trainers. What does it do? The Silph Road enables coordinating long-distance trades for exotic Pokémon. Sweet. How do

Pokemon Sun and Moon Review Roundup

Pokemon Sun and Moon launch November 18 (or November 23 if you’re in Europe), and as such, reviews have started to appear online for The Pokemon Company’s latest monster-collecting adventure. Pokemon Sun and Moon have appeared to shake up the formula a little by the looks of pre-release impressions and marketing–and this seems to have gone down well with reviewers. GameSpot’s review is currently scoreless however, as we are currently

PokemonGO Speed Limit Chart – How to use it for your advantage

PokemonGO game has different speed limit for different things, one of the reddit user  Dingsign went through all the trouble to make a good Speed Limit chart for us. If you know enough about PokemonGo’s Speed Limit, you can definitely use it for your advantage! here is the chart: Speed limit km/h Speed limit mph notes/update speed Egg/Buddy distance tracking limit 10,5 km/h 6,5 mph (max. 175m per minute) Passenger warning

Pokémon GO Generation 2 Starter Models

Pokemon Go Generation 2 Starter Models Earlier we post about Pokemon Go’s upcoming update on Generation 2 Pokemon and they are officially confirmed! So we thought that trainers are probably excited how Generation 2 Pokemon Go’s 3D models looks like, it was confirmed by Niantic that Pokemon Go 3D models are actually reused 3D models from Pokemon X and Y So we took our chance to get the models ready

PokemonGO: Confirmed Way Of Getting New Pokestops

So there are many of us living in Rural area has no Pokestops, including me. One of the Reddit user TheFarix found a way to get Pokestop and it worked! He shared it with all of us, here is his post! I live in Wyoming County in southern West Virginia with a population of approximately 23,000. When Pokemon Go launched, we only had 3 PokeStops and a single gym for the

Pokémon GO Gym Theater Mode

Arcanine vs Raichu Imagine you are sitting in a restaurant, and decide to check your Pokémon GO account while you wait for the waiter/waitress to bring out your food. You see that there is a gym is visual range, but you are not close enough to enter it and battle. Suddenly, a storm begins to brew at the top of the gym. Someone is battling! Wouldn’t it be nice to

Only 7.50 too, this gym was an easy victory :)

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