BREAKING NEWS: Is This The First Player In The World To Catch A REAL Articuno?

Around three hours ago a Facebook user named “Kaitlyn Covey” uploaded a video of her showing off an Articuno that she’d used to take over a gym, and calling for Mystic backups to help her hold the gym. The video by itself screams “fake”, and if the video was all we had to go off of, I’d be inclined to agree. But there’s more than just that video. Shortly after

Pokemon Go’s New bug

Did you notice Pokemon Go’s new bug ? Yes the thing most of us noticed is a bug…..even the official twitter  account of Pokemon Go updated that they are trying to solve this problem. As of after the release of new update Pokemon Go developers are constantly blaming third-party apps for poor services.The developers of Pokemon Go have responded to criticism from fans after a recent update to the app

Pokemon GO Safety Tips

Pokemon GO is a huge hit, which has millions of Pokemon Fans and non Fans going out, discovering their surroundings and finding new people and having fun. While it does all those things, it also has drawbacks. Mainly being stuck to the phone screen and walking. It can and has caused accidents and while it is a fun game people should always keep an safety first attitude. And that is

GS News Top 5 - Pokemon Sun/Moon Evolutions, Call of Duty Zombie Mysteries!

GS News Top 5 – Pokemon Sun/Moon Evolutions, Call of Duty Zombie Mysteries! Final Fantasy XV’s season pass gets detailed, No Man’s Sky has its first update ready, and Niantic infurates with new Pokemon GO update! by Jess McDonell, Edmond Tran, and Dan Crowd on August 5, 2016 Did you enjoy this video? About GameSpot News Join Jess McDonell every weekday for a punchy wrap-up of the biggest news to

10 Things You've Heard About Pokemon Go (And Whether They're True)

You’ve definitely heard of Pokemon Go, the latest world-captivating mobile phenomenon. The app taps into the childhood dreams of twenty- and thirty-somethings, capitalizing on their nostalgia for Nintendo’s creature-collecting games. The Pokemon franchise is now two decades old, and with its massive, highly active global fan base, it was only a matter of time before the series received its own iteration on the most popular gaming device: mobile phones. So,

Splashing on the water park

Weekly Challenge | Challenge: Take a Snap of a Pokemon enjoying together with your pet. | GO Snap Pokedex | Last Weeks Winner: /u/conorchurchill A spot to share photographs taken within the Pokemon Go Camera Mode and expertise all the opposite locations persons are catching Pokemon. Just take a photograph in Pokemon Go whereas utilizing the Camera Mode and add it to the sub the place individuals will be capable

Why Is Pokemon Go So Popular?

Pokemon Go has taken most of the world by storm. You only need to do a minute of research to realise that or even just walk down the street and see all the people with their phones in hand playing.Obviously this mobile game is insanely popular and you might be wondering why. Well Niantic, the creators of Pokemon Go, have been very clever and deliberate about this.Firstly, Pokemon fans are

Pokemon Go Item: Egg Incubator

Pokemon Go Item, Egg Incubator can be used to hatch Pokemon Eggs you get from PokeStops, and in the wild. When you place a Pokemon Egg inside the Egg Incubator, you need to walk or travel the required distance in order for the Pokemon Egg to hatch, giving you a brand new pokemon.. The required distance can range from 2km to 5km and even 10km.. Your phone’s GPS should be

We Asked Tech Industry People How To Solve The Millennial Lack Of Sex

This week, a scientific study revealed that “young millennials” (aka people born in the ‘90s) are having less sex than people born in the ‘80s, Gen Xers, and even less sex than baby boomers, which, ew. 15% of 20-24 year-olds born after 1990 have not had any sexual partners since age 18, compared to a mere 6% of Gen Xers at that age. And these fuckers have Snapchat! How are

Real Or Fake? This Player Claims To Have Found The First 25km Egg, But Is He Lying?

You know that feeling you get when you nab a 10km egg from a Pokéstop? It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? You quickly throw it on an incubator, start walking around as much as possible, and pray to Lord Helix that it’s not just another Pinsir. Now imagine that feeling multiplied by a million. That’s what YouTube user ‘Connplex’ must be feeling after finding the world’s first 25km egg in