EA’s on-line servers go down following doable DDoS assaults

A group of hackers have claimed responsibility for widespread connectivity issues with Electronic Arts’ online servers. PoodleCorp, a network that takes aim at online games, tweeted that it had gone after the publisher just prior to today’s launch of the Battlefield 1 open beta. A widespread network outage has left many who were hoping to get in on that and other EA games in the lurch. EA has acknowledged the

Pokemon Go New Feature Pokemon Forts and PvP?!

Pokemon Go New Feature Pokemon Forts and PvP?! Niantic hasn’t made a whole lots of fans on the program end side, what with the tracking system getting stripped down and Niantic putting the end to anyone trying to use third party apps to supplement its absence.Although the recent update didn’t offer much beyond a promise of things to come, all we are seeing is evidence for these long-awaited features. Niantic has been

Why aren't pokemon categorised by kind?

Welcome, new travelers! Learn: About the Silph Road » For IV discussion, head to: /r/PokemonGOIVs » Silph Chat (Discord) Silph Road YouTube Free DOWNLOADSPokemon GO FAQ Silph Road FAQ Gear Shop (SWAG!) Find Your Local Silph Road Community » The Silph Road is a grassroots network of Pokémon GO™ trainers. What does it do? The Silph Road enables coordinating long-distance trades for exotic Pokémon. Sweet. How do I join? Read

Another Broken Pokemon GO Feature From Niantic Labs!

  Pokemon GO has been released by a company called Niantic Labs, a few months ago unfinished and extremely glitchy which we would only expect from a N64 Game in the 1990s. It has literally been months and Niantic has done little correctly. There’s No Trainer Battles, No Trading, Pokemon are literally Spawning under Poke Stops, There is NO feature to help us find Pokemon, Egg hatching doesn’t even calculate

Rare Pokemon Go Creatures Should Be Removed From Schools, France's Education Minister Says

France’s education minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem said this week that Pokemon Go could lead to a potential security risk in that people could try to walk in to schools in search of Pokemon to catch. As a result, she would like to see rare Pokemon removed from schoolgrounds in the country. She told media, including the Associated Press (via Polygon), that she intends to meet with Pokemon Go developer Niantic Labs

[Humor] That second if you go to the waterfront for the primary time

User Menu About Subreddit for the Augmented Reality collaboration between Nintendo and Niantic. Travel between the actual world and the digital world of Pokémon with Pokémon GO for iPhone and Android units! With Pokémon GO, you may uncover Pokémon in a complete new world—your individual! Pokémon GO will use actual location data to encourage gamers to go looking far and large in the actual world to find Pokémon. Niantic Helpdesk

How to Earn a Living Playing Pokemon Go

  Wouldn’t it be great to make money off Pokemon GO? Well in the Philippines that is actually possible, unfortunately for our American fans and other countries this opportunity isn’t possible, though a Redditor named xiaolong_pao shared the news to Reddit with shock that a company is actually hiring Pokemon Trainers. The image describes it’s qualifications as any job would, and you’ll be surprised that you have to be a college

Are Buddy Pokemon Coming To Pokemon GO?

  Recently with a list of future updates added to the games source code, one redditor has found evidence of Buddy Pokemon! With the new update, players may be able to designate their trainers a special “buddy” Pokemon in the game. Once assigned, the Pokemon will follow you around ingame to collect candies so they can evolve, according to references in the code that were pieced together on Reddit. The first

Pokemon Go Gives 3DS Nice Sales Bump in July Video Game Charts

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Pokemon Go Tip: How To Attack Gym At Lower Level and Use Less Items.

  With Gyms being fixed today, some trainers will be back at it again with the conquering. source A Redditor named XTCrispy decided to share with us, a quick tip on how to gain XP off these gyms and continue to level while using less resources and gaining more XP. The tip requires you to run once after defeating the first defender against 6000 prestiege gyms with 3 Pokémon, allowing you