Are the Pokemon Go Servers Down? Here is How to Instantly Check!

A quite common query – Are the Pokemon Go Servers Down? How many instances have you ever googled the phrase “are the pokemon go servers down?”  I do know I’ve been doing it nearly day by day due to how unstable the servers have been throughout the first weeks of the Pokemon Go Launch.  This is why we now have developed an immediate Server checker that mechanically detects your location

Assisted Living Facility in Texas Conducted a Pokemon Go Class to Residents

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Bizarre glitch is remodeling Pokemon after they're caught in 'Pokemon GO'

There’s no question that the “Pokemon GO” servers have been significantly more stable ever since Niantic released its highly controversial update over the weekend, but the developers appears to have created a bizarre glitch as well. Original Article

Data and Battery Consumption Tricks For Pokemon Go

It’s well-known that Pokémon Go is a recreation which drains the battery and knowledge actually quick. Fortunately, there are a number of methods on how you can scale back the battery drain and knowledge use whereas equally having fun with the sport. The Pokémon Go recreation can use massive quantities of knowledge in case you are consistently taking part in it. It makes use of the Google Maps API and

How To Evolve Your Eevee to both Vaporeon, Volteon or Flareon

As a Pokemon grasp, it would be best to catch ’em all, and to catch ’em all normally means it’s important to evolve them into stronger model of themselves.. In comes Eevee, a Pokemon with a number of doable evolutions, with solely their factor varieties as the principle distinction.. And for a while, Pokemon Go gamers have at all times thought that Eevee will randomly evolve into both Vaporeon, Volteon

How to Easily Hatch a Pokemon Go Egg

How to Easily Hatch a Pokemon Go Egg How to Easily Hatch a Pokemon Go Egg – simply walk until you meet the desired amount in kilometers to complete process of hatching. You can’t get a Pokémon egg in the wild, you have to get them at Pokestops.  You need an egg incubator to hatch your Pokémon egg.  There is a way to find an egg incubator by leveling up

Oh my god Goldeen. How'd you find yourself down the falls?

Weekly Challenge | Challenge: Take a Snap of a Pokemon taking part in along with your pet. | GO Snap Pokedex | Last Weeks Winner: /u/conorchurchill A spot to share pictures taken within the Pokemon Go Camera Mode and expertise all the opposite locations individuals are catching Pokemon. Just take a photograph in Pokemon Go whereas utilizing the Camera Mode and add it to the sub the place folks will

What is the Best Pokemon Go Bot

Best Pokemon Go Bot There are a lot of bots available on the internet. The question lies: “ Which one is the best Pokemon Go Bot for me?” Here, we believe the following is the best working Pokemon Go Bot. NECRO BOT The best bot for complete beginners to Visual basic programming. This bot can be run by everyone, with no complications. HOW TO USE THIS BOT: Here is an

pokemon go assist

Hey guys I have a Vodafone vf685, recently I had Pokemon go on my phone and just yesterday I reset my phone for personal reasons. I decided to download the apps I had recently on my phone as they were deleted when I reset my phone. As I went to re-download Pokemon go (like I had done in the past) it told me that my device was not compatible, is

Late night time Raticate

Weekly Challenge | Challenge: Take a Snap of a Pokemon playing with your pet. | GO Snap Pokedex | Last Weeks Winner: /u/conorchurchill A place to share photos taken in the Pokemon Go Camera Mode and experience all the other places people are catching Pokemon. Just take a photo in Pokemon Go while using the Camera Mode and upload it to the sub where people will be able to upvote