Pokemon GO participant discovered an Articuno at a health club?

Yesterday morning a lady named Kaitlyn Covey posted a video of a Articuno in a Gym close to Austin Landing, It positively appears to be like actual from the video beneath however many individuals have commented on this saying that the Articuno is not on the Gym and it was a hoax. You can view the put up right here https://www.facebook.com/groups/2070570036500440/permalink/2087011781522932/? According to most sources Articuno is at present uncatchable

Pokemon Go Has Shut Down All Bot Programs

If you’ve ever seen a Level 37 player holding a suburban gym with his 3200 CP Dragonite, chances are you’ve encountered a player who used a bot to cheat the Pokemon Go system and jump ahead of other players. For weeks, Pokemon Go has been plagued with players who leveled up using bot programs, a program that spoofs a player’s GPS and allows them to play the game remotely.   When coupled with an app like

Toronto Officials Want Pokemon Go Sites Moved

Toronto metropolis officers are asking the builders of the favored cell recreation Pokemon Go to take away areas from town’s downtown ferry terminal that is been overwhelmed by 1000’s of gamers Original Article

Pokemon Go: API Scanning Time Doubled! See how this results you

Pokemon Go API Server Scanning Time Doubled!   Recently a new update was released as we all know, and it has effected the Pokemon Go world in many ways, however overnight Niantic decided to double their API server scanning timers from 5 to 10, which originally they were set at a 1 second send and receive timer. Well, what does all this mean? When you are out and about looking

Pokemon Go Pulls Legendary Pokemon From Player Accounts

Yesterday, ComicBook.com reported on alleged appearances of several Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go on Monday night. In the first incident, a player posted video and screenshots of an Articuno appearing at gym outside of Dayton, Ohio, followed by a claim that she had received the Pokemon from a Niantic representative after she complained about losing a Pidgeot after a gym battle. Later that night, a different player in Los Angeles posted

Pokemon Go Item: Bag

  Your Bag is where you store all of your non-Pokemon Items, which include Pokeballs, Incense, Egg Incubator, etc. To start with, your bag can fit up to 350 different items (including your camera and incubator). To get more space for your bag, you need to buy a Bag Upgrade from the Shop to fit 50 more items per upgrade. Related <!– –> Original Article

Online Games for Pokémon MMO - Is it potential?

It’s no secret that in Nintendo’s eyes, “Pokémon” is synonymous with “money”. The collection has been going sturdy for over 12 years now, and each time a brand new principal entry within the collection comes out it will definitely ranks up there with the best-selling titles on the system. The single-player expertise, the nice Pokémon journey is beloved by youngsters and adults alike (so long as the adults performed Pokémon

Over 9000 meet up in San Francisco in worlds largest Pokemon go gathering

­ Pokemon Go Gathering in San Francisco Pokemon go has rapidly grow to be one of the crucial well-liked cellular video games on this planet. What started as an harmless Facebook publish to begin a Pokemon Go gathering along with her  associates, Sara Witsch quickly discovered that her occasion was going to be a lot bigger than anticipated. Within eight hours, 500 had mentioned they had been going, and by Wednesday morning,

Olympic Gymnast Runs Up $5,000 Bill Playing Pokemon Go

For Olympic gymnast Kohei Uchimura, his Pokemon GO addiction didn’t just consume his time, but it took money from his bank account as well. He’s not alone in spending some real world money on the free to play title by any means, but in Uchimura’s case, it wasn’t willingly spent. The gymnast was attending a pre-Olympics training camp last week, where he booted up Pokemon GO on this downtime to try and fill out his Pokedex.

No! Don't assault my doggo!!

Weekly Challenge | Challenge: Take a Snap of a Pokemon enjoying together with your pet. | GO Snap Pokedex | Last Weeks Winner: /u/conorchurchill A spot to share images taken within the Pokemon Go Camera Mode and expertise all the opposite locations individuals are catching Pokemon. Just take a photograph in Pokemon Go whereas utilizing the Camera Mode and add it to the sub the place individuals will have the