Super Mario is coming to the iPhone

Mario is coming to the iPhone. Among the long list of updates and new products Apple unveiled Wednesday at its big iPhone event in San Francisco was a throwback: Nintendo is releasing a new mobile game as part of its flagship gaming franchise, Mario, called Super Mario Run. Nintendo Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, who came onstage to introduce the new game (primarily in Japanese) and

How to skip the Egg hatching Animation!

Recently we’ve discovered a simple method on how to skip the egg hatching animation in order to increase XP/HR during game play! Redditor thechrlos brought to our attention on how you can just skip the egg hatching animation by double tapping with two fingers. Other redditors such as AngryBeaverEU commented on how it could be phone based however confirmed that tapping with two fingers at once definitely is enough to immediately close the hatching sequence.

Miyamoto Discusses Finally Bringing Mario to Smartphones

This morning’s Apple event had some surprise news on the gaming front, first with Super Mario Run being revealed and then Shigeru Miyamoto appearing on stage. Following the presentation, we got to speak with Miyamoto about the decision to bring a more traditional type of game to mobile than its debut offering, the possibility of porting older games, and more. Miyamoto is serving as a producer on Run, telling GameSpot

10 Things To Know Before You Play 'Pokémon GO'

10 Things To Know Before You Play ‘Pokémon GO’ Source link

Playing Pokémon Go in church could send this Russian YouTuber to prison for years

A Russian YouTube star has been detained for two months and could face up to five years of prison time, reports the Guardian and many other outlets. His crime? Playing Pokémon Go in a church earlier this month. He was arrested under Article 282 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code, which prohibits “incitement of hatred or enmity, as well as abasement of human dignity.” It’s the same law which was

A Teen Playing Pokémon Go Stumbled Upon This

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Des Moines' city council is trying to 'opt out' of 'Pokémon Go'

The City Council of Des Moines, Washington is working hard to cut down on its residents’ access to Pokémon Go, even going so far as to make attempts to “opt out” of the game. Source link

Not Knowing This Tip Could Be Costing You Tons of Pokéballs!

This tip may be very common and most of you probably know this already, however tons of players still don’t know this so i’m glad i stumbled upon BigFatHairyBalls reddit post reminding me about a tip that could save you tons of Pokeballs. So basically the tip requires you to turn off your AR before you open the screen to catch a Pokemon, if the Pokemon farther away than normal, just turn on your

The World's Most Dangerous Game: Pokémon's Strange History with Moral Panics

In April of 2000, two days before my tenth birthday, BBC News ran a story describing school administrations across the UK deciding to ban Pokémon cards. What starts out as a tale of exasperated teachers trying to stick a pin in a new source of childhood zeal turns into something much more sinister: “There have been stories of bullying, intimidation and ‘aggressive trading’ among children desperate to complete their collections

Sony CEO, citing Pokémon Go, says they're 'aggressively' pushing into mobile gaming

Sony, eyeballing Nintendo’s success with Pokémon Go, is “aggressively getting into” mobile gaming, chief executive Kaz Hirai said. “It’s quite a shift from being just a console-based business to being on mobile phones as well,” Hirai told the Financial Times at the IFA consumer electronics expo in Berlin. Hirai’s comments highlight another console maker’s acceptance of the inevitability of mobile device gaming as a necessary platform. Nintendo had been resistant for