CMD script timed Rebooter for pokemon go

CMD script timed Rebooter for pokemon go

Solvedthank you so much for helping me Jean-François Fabre, haveing someone who was thinking along with me kept me motivated to keep figuring things out myself!

what i ended up doing is using a timer script, that first boots up the scanning script, after 900 seconds of pauze the timer proceeds to open a vbs script that closes cmd and opens the timer again to do another 15 minute loop.

how to close a batch file with another batch file

C:pokemongo-api-demo-maps>taskkill timedlocatorERROR: Invalid argument/option – ‘timedlocator’.Type “TASKKILL /?” for usage.

currently using a runner script that boots up the batch file every 15 Sec (testing)it wont close the batch script howeverive tried

taskkill/im cmd.exe


taskkill/im timedlocator.bat

the timedlocator gives the error, and the cmd closes the runner script aswellthat needs to reboot it, i cant seem to shutdown a specific cmd window without closing the other one, one solution ive tried is to make this timer shutdown script VBS and use this to shutdown CMD all together before rebooting it, but i dont know anything about what commands to use in VBS

original post

so basically i have a script that scans a area in pokemon go, unfortunately its about as unstable as it gets, so to fix this i need to reboot it about every 15 minutes, ive already tried a few things but got stuck in the end because im not very familiar with coding,

the original boot script script:

 @echo off set /p UserInputPath= Set Location- C:Python27python -u name -p pass -l "%UserInputPath%"

this calls the actual program that does all the work, after some research i found this How do I create a batch file timer to execute / call another batch throughout the dayand added this into the start of the script

start timer.bat

this opens a 2nd script to close and reboot after a timer

    TIMEOUT /T 15 /NOBREAKtaskkill timedlocatorstart timedlocator.bat

this leaves me with 2 problems i have not been able to figure out

  • how do i close the first batch without closing the timer CMD? ive tried messing around with taskkill and closing cmd alltogether, but this makes it impossible to boot it again
  • how do i automatically input a fixed streetname into the first file?i have tried to replace the userinputpath with the streetname but that didnt seem to work.

    setlocation-at which point you enter a streetname, it sends this to the locator and it starts working,what im trying to achieve is bypassing this first step and always send the same name.

any help with this would be much appreciated, ive been messing around w this for about 2 hours now and i have made some progress but ive seemed hit a dead end here with my limited computerskills

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