Crazy Pokémon Go glitch is turning Pokeballs into Rattatas

Crazy Pokémon Go glitch is turning Pokeballs into Rattatas


Pokeballs Turning into Rattatas?

Pokemon Go fans have found that a certain glitch will turn a Pokeball into a Rattata! Check out the video below to see how this crazy glitch looks. It even seems that Rattata is trying to play a prank on our Pokemon trainers as he takes 20+ pokeballs to be caught now (Jokes)

Pokemon Go has been making a serious footprint in the gaming world so far – commercially, and with the amount of users downloading the app and playing the game. Pokemon Go has generated well over $200 million globally. With the craze, comes millions of videos, thousands of glitches and many bugs. The newest one happens to be the Rattata Ball.

video by allbrandon

Have you experienced this glitch yet? This is one new glitch out of many that have been added to the game due to faulty scripts not being tested completely before going live, or Maybe this is a joke on Niantic’s behalf. Only they know.

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