Data Miners May Have Just Discovered a New POKÉMON

Data Miners May Have Just Discovered a New POKÉMON

There are presently over 800 Pokémon in existence, and because the monster-collecting franchise exhibits no indicators of slowing down, there are certain to be extra to return. Now, knowledge miners have come throughout one thing attention-grabbing: Images which will have prematurely revealed a brand new Pokémon (through Eurogamer).

Here’s how the idea goes: The upcoming Pokémon: Let’s Go! video games are set to incorporate one new creature. The new video games are additionally set to have the ability to switch Pokémon with Pokémon Gowhich means that knowledge for this new Pokémon should be within the cell recreation as effectively. Meanwhile, an information miner just lately found the picture above within the recreation’s knowledge, and though it’s labeled as Kecleon, it certain isn’t Kecleon.

As is apparent to followers of the video games, it as an alternative seems to be quite a bit like Ditto with a nut on its head. One fan on Twitter has an attention-grabbing idea: “Remember that Ditto was initially speculated to have an evolution if traded with a Metal Coat in Gold/Silver? This one right here seems to be quite a bit like a Metal Ditto (with a nut on his head), so possibly they’re doing it now? It would make some sense as a result of Ditto is a Kanto Pokémon, you understand?”

Another fan made a picture of a Ditto holding a nut, and it certain does look fairly much like the leaked picture:

What do you assume is occurring right here? Is this some alternate model of Ditto, an evolution, or one thing else completely? Let us know what you assume within the feedback under!

Featured picture: Zeyus Media/Flickr

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