Discord bot, job destroyed

Discord bot, job destroyed

I’m trying to make a bot for discord that send some coords to the chat channel, but when i run it after 2 minutes it stops giving the error the task was destroyed..i’m not really good with python so if u want to explain i’ll be glad to learn

import discordimport asyncioimport timeimport datetimefrom skiplagged import Skiplaggedclient = discord.Client()pf = Skiplagged()def loginServer():    client.login('token-discord')async def pokeFinder():    channel = discord.Object(id='channel_id')    bounds = (              (40.76356269219236, -73.98657795715332), # Lower left lat, lng              (40.7854671345488, -73.95812508392333) # Upper right lat, lng              ) # Central park, New York City                # bounds = client.get_bounds_for_address('Central Park, NY')    try:            # Log in with a Google or Pokemon Trainer Club account        #     print client.login_with_google('GOOGLE_EMAIL', 'PASSWORD')        print(pf.login_with_pokemon_trainer('ptc_id', 'ptc_psw'))            # Get specific Pokemon Go API endpoint        print(pf.get_specific_api_endpoint())            # Get profile        print(pf.get_profile())            # Find pokemon            #if pf.num_pokemon_found > 0:        for pokemon in pf.find_pokemon(bounds):            ts = time.time()            st = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(ts).strftime('%H:%M:%S')            msg = "[" + st + "]" + str(pokemon)            await client.send_message(channel, msg)            print(msg)    except Exception as e:        print(str(e))        client.logout()    asyncio.sleep(1)async def my_background_task():    channel = discord.Object(id='channel_id')    msg1 = ""    while not client.is_closed:        if not client.is_logged_in:            loginServer()        else:            await pokeFinder()        await asyncio.sleep(5)


a guy said me that the problem is in the skiplagged.py because it uses request.can you help me to convert the script from requests lib to aiohttp?

import base64import jsonimport timeimport tracebackimport requestsfrom auth.google import Googlefrom auth.pokemon_trainer_club import PokemonTrainerClubfrom utils.general import get_requests_sessionfrom utils.pokemon import Pokemonfrom time import localtime, strftimedef getMyTime(): return strftime("%d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S", localtime())class Skiplagged():    SKIPLAGGED_API = 'http://skiplagged.com/api/pokemon.php'    GENERAL_API = 'https://pgorelease.nianticlabs.com/plfe/rpc'    SPECIFIC_API = None    PROFILE = None    PROFILE_RAW = None    _requests_skiplagged_session = None    _requests_niantic_session = None    _username = None    _password = None    _access_token = None    _auth_provider = None    def __init__(self):        self._requests_skiplagged_session = get_requests_session('pokemongo-python')        self._requests_niantic_session = get_requests_session('Niantic App')    # Login    def login_with_google(self, username, password):        print(getMyTime(), "called login_with_google")             google_auth = Google()        auth_provider = google_auth.get_auth_provider()        access_token = google_auth.get_access_token(username, password)        access_token = access_token        return self._update_login(auth_provider, access_token, username, password)    def login_with_pokemon_trainer(self, username, password):        print(getMyTime(), "called login_with_pokemon_trainer")         ptc_auth = PokemonTrainerClub()        auth_provider = ptc_auth.get_auth_provider()        access_token = ptc_auth.get_access_token(username, password).decode()        if not access_token or 'error' in access_token: raise Exception('failed to get access_token')        return self._update_login(auth_provider, access_token, username, password)    def _update_login(self, auth_provider, access_token, username, password):                if access_token:            self._auth_provider = auth_provider            self._access_token = str(access_token)            self._username = username            self._password = password            return (self._auth_provider, self._access_token)        return False    def is_logged_in(self): return self._access_token is not None    def _refresh_login(self):        if not self.is_logged_in(): raise Exception('needs an existing log in')        self.SPECIFIC_API = None        self.PROFILE = None        self.PROFILE_RAW = None        if self.auth_provider == 'google': return self.login_with_google(self._username, self._password)        elif self.auth_provider == 'ptc': return self.login_with_pokemon_trainer(self._username, self._password)    def get_access_token(self): return self._access_token    def get_auth_provider(self): return self._auth_provider    # Calls    def _call(self, endpoint, data):        is_skiplagged_api = 'skiplagged' in endpoint        requests_session = self._requests_skiplagged_session if is_skiplagged_api else self._requests_niantic_session        while 1:            try:                if is_skiplagged_api:                    time.sleep(1)                    r = requests_session.post(endpoint, data, verify=False)                    return r.json()                else:                    r = requests_session.post(endpoint, base64.b64decode(data), verify=False)                    if b'Server Error' in r.content: raise Exception('invalid niantic server response')                    return base64.b64encode(r.content)              except Exception:                print("post exception", traceback.format_exc())                time.sleep(1)    def get_specific_api_endpoint(self):        print(getMyTime(), "called get_specific_api_endpoint")        if not self.is_logged_in(): raise Exception('need to log in first')        response = self._call(self.SKIPLAGGED_API, {                                                    'access_token': self.get_access_token(),                                                     'auth_provider': self.get_auth_provider()                                                    })        if not 'pdata' in response: raise Exception('failed to get pdata 1')        d = response['pdata']        response = self._call(self.GENERAL_API, response['pdata'])        if not response: raise Exception('pdata api call failed')        response = self._call(self.SKIPLAGGED_API, {                                                    'access_token': self.get_access_token(),                                                    'auth_provider': self.get_auth_provider(),                                                    'pdata': response                                                    })        if not 'api_endpoint' in response or not response['api_endpoint']: raise Exception('failed to retrieve specific api endpoint')        self.SPECIFIC_API = response['api_endpoint']        return self.SPECIFIC_API    def get_profile(self):        print(getMyTime(), "called get_profile")         if not self.SPECIFIC_API: self.get_specific_api_endpoint()        response = self._call(self.SKIPLAGGED_API, {                                                    'access_token': self.get_access_token(),                                                     'auth_provider': self.get_auth_provider(),                                                    'api_endpoint': self.SPECIFIC_API                                                    })        if not 'pdata' in response: raise Exception('failed to get pdata 1')        response = self._call(self.SPECIFIC_API, response['pdata'])        if not response: raise Exception('pdata api call failed')        self.PROFILE_RAW = response        response = self._call(self.SKIPLAGGED_API, {                                                    'access_token': self.get_access_token(),                                                    'auth_provider': self.get_auth_provider(),                                                    'api_endpoint': self.SPECIFIC_API,                                                    'pdata': self.PROFILE_RAW                                                    })        if not 'username' in response: raise Exception('failed to retrieve profile')        self.PROFILE = response        return self.PROFILE    # Generates a realistic path to traverse the bounds and find spawned pokemon    # Processed sequentially and with delay to minimize chance of getting account banned    def find_pokemon(self, bounds, step_size=0.002):        print(getMyTime(), "called find_pokemon")         if not self.PROFILE_RAW: self.get_profile()        bounds = '%f,%f,%f,%f' % (bounds[0] + bounds[1])        response = self._call(self.SKIPLAGGED_API, {                                                    'access_token': self.get_access_token(),                                                     'auth_provider': self.get_auth_provider(),                                                    'profile': self.PROFILE_RAW,                                                    'bounds': bounds,                                                    'step_size': step_size                                                    })        if not 'requests' in response: raise Exception('failed to get requests')        for request in response['requests']:            #print(getMyTime(), "moving player")            pokemon_data = self._call(self.SPECIFIC_API, request['pdata'])            response = self._call(self.SKIPLAGGED_API, {'pdata': pokemon_data})            if 'pokemons' in response:                num_pokemon_found = len(response['pokemons'])                if num_pokemon_found > 0: print(getMyTime(), "found %d pokemon" % (num_pokemon_found))                for pokemon in response['pokemons']: yield Pokemon(pokemon )            else:                num_pokemon_found =0            time.sleep(.5)    def get_bounds_for_address(self, address, offset=0.002):        url = 'https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/geocode/json'        params = {'sensor': 'false', 'address': address}        r = requests.get(url, params=params)        results = r.json()['results']        bounds = results[0]['geometry']['viewport']        return (                (bounds['southwest']['lat'] - offset, bounds['southwest']['lng'] - offset),                (bounds['northeast']['lat'] + offset, bounds['northeast']['lng'] + offset),                )

i need to use async with find_pokemon but i really don’t how do thatthanks for the help.

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