PRODIGIESNATION & LINK THE WAFU MASTER GIVE THEIR BEST MEWTWO EX-RAID TIPS BEFORE OUR MEWTWO RAIDS! First, journey with me to Disney the place I go to the Japan retailer at Epcot! Inside I discover tons of Pokemon merchandise. Shout out to Valarie from the Official verified Level 40 crew and “Val’s Pals” who bought me into Epcot, and in addition gifted me the gorgeous minnie mouse headband!!! Thank you to Valarie for exhibiting me a good time in Florida as all the time. Link examined out a situation the place he carried his Rayquaza round with him four hours after the raid!! He took a number of AR images of it and carried it round no downside. Simply leaving the sport open, however turning the telephone display off, he was in a position to carry his Pokemon anyplace for an AR photograph earlier than lastly catching it at our Air BnB. After assembly up with ProdigiesNation on the home, all of us prepare for our EX-Raid which we ALL had EX-Raid passes for the following day. We had gotten these passes from doing WaFu raiding collectively just a few weeks prior. WaFu video will likely be out quickly! Check the channel! 🙂

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