GIRATINA Excellent Throws EVERY TIME! How To Hit More Excellents in Pokemon Go

GIRATINA Excellent Throws EVERY TIME! How To Hit More Excellents in Pokemon Go

How to catch Giratina in Pokemon GO! I cowl Giratina Excellent Throws for Pokemon GO to catch extra Giratina legendary raid bosses. Giratina has a 100 % iv of 2513 unboosted. Check out the primary Giratina raids and the simple method to Catch extra Giratina in pokemon go. Many individuals additionally know Giratina with the opposite gen iv, four Pokemon GO legendary bosses dialga, arceus, palkia, karkrai, regigigas, cresselia and heatran. These Pokemon will likely be popping out however first lets maximize on the 100 iv for Giratina in Pokemon GO.

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