GoGo Grandparent is Uber for previous individuals

GoGo Grandparent is Uber for previous individuals

Hey, you there! Yes, you… the cantankerous old coot chasing Pokemon Go players off his front lawn. The old man yelling at cloud computing. Someone finally built you ride hailing app you won’t shake your fist at.

It’s called GoGo Grandparent, and they refer to themselves as “the Uber for folks who don’t like smartphones.” I know what you’re thinking. “Uber for folks who don’t like smartphones? Isn’t that a cab company?” Based on GGG’s tagline you might assume that, but it’s a bit more sophisticated than calling a dispatcher.

You can set up custom locations in their system so that when you call in you simply press one of your pre-defined choices to hail a ride. Punch 1 to get a car to your house. Punch 4 to tell GoGo Grandparent that you want to be shuttled over to the mall for your morning power walk with the gang.


Ready to head home? Just press 2 to tell them to come get you wherever they dropped you off last — super handy if you can’t remember what the actual name is. You can set up a recurring schedule for rides. Talk about convenient!

GGG is slowly building up steam, with roughly 3900 rides provided so far. They’ve been shuttling the smartphone-averse to exciting destinations like Norm’s Diner, Balboa Park, and the senior center according to the crawl on their website.

Worried that grandma or grandpa might end up in some unsavory part of town, gambling with other elderly folks in the back of a deli or harassing helpless young skateboarders at the park? Relax. You can set up text alerts so that you always know what they’re up to.

Ed note: driver pictured above may not be an actual GoGo Grandparent driver

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