Gyms Locking After Putting Pokemon In?

Gyms Locking After Putting Pokemon In?

Pokémon Go: There’s A Pause Trick For iOS During Gym Battles

There seem to be more bugs within the gym system than within the “open” world of Pokemon go. It’s understandable for there to be several bugs with an open world game, it just happens. But it’s a little different when it’s a feature within the open would that hold more bugs than the world.

Trainers have been reporting they have been getting locked out of the gym. Some have used 100% IV rated Pokemon and thought that may be causing the gyms to lock. With there being no sure way that every trainer uses to check their Pokemon’s IV (not everyone uses third party software). It wouldn’t be fair if Niantic purposely locked gyms after putting a 100% IV rated Pokemon in.
The gyms aren’t locking players out, the gyms levels are just locking up. This means you won’t be able to train gyms up. If this bug is present while putting a Pokemon in that is. Trainers try to prestige the gym but find they can’t interact with the gym. Oddly enough, this also effects trainers trying to take the gyms down. If you are lucky enough to have this glitch happen to you. You will be able to collect 10 coins at least every day until the gym isn’t bugged anymore. The gym just completely locks up.

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