How to Beat Absol in Pokemon Go

How to Beat Absol in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has a brand new Raid Boss – and you will must beat it if you wish to add it to your assortment!

Yesterday, Pokemon Go added each Absol and Mawile as new Raid Bosses to the sport. Both Pokemon are among the many 50 new “Gen 3” Pokemon, however neither truly seem within the wild. In order to get these new Pokemon, you may should face them in a Raid Battle after which catch them as soon as they have been defeated.

Mawile is only a Tier 2 Raid Boss, so it should not be too powerful to defeat. However, Absol might current a more durable problem. With a robust Attack stat and an uncommon moveset, gamers might get tripped up when going through this new Raid Boss.

Here’s a couple of recommendations on the best way to topple Absol and declare it as your individual in battle!

Prepare Your Machamp

As a Dark-Type Pokemon, Absol has comparatively few weaknesses. Common heavy hitters like Mewtwo and Alakazam are ineffective in opposition to Absol because it has a key resistance to Psychic-Type assaults.

In truth, there’s solely three-types of assaults that Absol is weak to: Bug-Type, Fighting-Type, and Fairy-Type assaults. Fairy-Type Pokemon haven’t got a quick transfer to depend on and there is just one actual good Bug-Type Pokemon in Pokemon Go….one which is not obtainable to most gamers. That implies that Pokemon Go gamers might want to depend on Fighting-Type Pokemon to essentially rating some harm on Absol.

Most gamers will lean on Machamp for this raid, as its essentially the most available Fighting-Type Pokemon within the recreation. After all, gamers who beat Machamp in a Raid Battle have rapid entry to the Pokemon….though it’s going to want some powering as much as be helpful in opposition to Absol. Fighting-Type Pokemon even have a resistance to the Bug-Type transfer Megahorn, which is one Absol’s potential cost strikes.

A brand new Pokemon that could be helpful in opposition to Absol is Breloom, a novel Grass/Fighting-Type Pokemon. Breloom is a little bit of a glass cannon, however it does have a resistance to Electric-Type assaults, which Absol has entry to.

Travel South

Honestly, the very best Pokemon to make use of in opposition to Absol is Heracross, a Bug/Fighting-Type Pokemon. Not solely does Heracross have a double resistance to Absol’s Dark-Type assaults, it additionally has entry to Megahorn and Close Combat, each of which is able to do large harm to Absol. It additionally has a stronger Defense stat than Machamp, which must be helpful in raids.

Of course, there’s one main downside with acquiring Heracross….it is solely obtainable in Central and South America! There are a couple of spots within the United States the place Heracross is accessible (notably south Florida and Texas) however it is a Pokemon that is largely unavailable to the majority of world. Sorry, Pokemon Go followers, however this perfect Absol counter would require some touring to get!

Be Mindful of the Weather

Players will need to preserve an eye fixed out on the climate for when to assault Absol. Fighting-Type strikes get a lift in cloudy climate, whereas Bug-Type assaults are only in wet climate. However, Absol’s Dark-Type strikes will get a lift in foggy climate…so you may need to keep away from going through Absol in that sort of climate should you can.

Aim for the Double Dark-Type Moveset

While Absol ought to slot in because the second strongest Dark-Type attacker within the recreation, it does have a bizarre moveset. Absol solely has one Dark-Type quick transfer and one Dark-Type cost transfer in its moveset, which implies that numerous Absol raid bosses can have some non-STAB assaults to make use of in opposition to gamers.

If gamers need an Absol they’ll use in raids and battles, discover one with Snarl and Dark Pulse! Otherwise, you may want to make use of some TMs to get an Absol that may truly be efficient.

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