How To Bypass The Speed Cap

How To Bypass The Speed Cap

Pokémon Go: Problems With The Apple Watch

Unfortunately, the speed cap is something that will never be removed. For the greater good, though, it helps prevent more accidents caused by distracted players. Ever since the speed cap was first introduced. Trainers have tried various ways and found different bugs that allow them to play the game while traveling faster than speed cap.

A bug with the Apple watch seems to be going around, that will allow players to do as such. All you have to do is leave the app on the watch turned on. While running the app on the watch. You can still see Pokemon in the nearby, spin at Pokestops, and distance counts towards eggs. Here is a trainers experience.

“The other day I forgot to turn the watch app off as I got into the car. Since she is driving I usually have my game open to catch anything if we come to a stop, are going slow enough pass a pokestop to get items or if we are stuck in traffic to gets steps to my eggs. As we were driving at roughly 45-55mph I started noticing pokemon popping up on my nearby/sightings. I didn’t think anything of it at first because sometimes this happened in the past. Well it kept happening and consistently. On a rare occasion a pokemon would actually spawn. I also noticed when we came to a stop sign/light my cool down was significantly cut down and I could spin pokestops and pokemon would spawn.” – untilshewokeme

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