How to Easily Hatch a Pokemon Go Egg

How to Easily Hatch a Pokemon Go Egg

How to Easily Hatch a Pokemon Go Egg

How to Easily Hatch a Pokemon Go Egg – simply walk until you meet the desired amount in kilometers to complete process of hatching. You can’t get a Pokémon egg in the wild, you have to get them at Pokestops.  You need an egg incubator to hatch your Pokémon egg.  There is a way to find an egg incubator by leveling up and buying them in the shop, generally they are break after three uses.

You can now know if your Pokémon is higher CP in kilometres or distance to complete the hatching process.  There are three types eggs in Pokémon Go according to their kilometers; the first is a 2 kilometers egg, the second is a 5 kilometers egg and the third is a 10 kilometers egg.  According to my research the higher the distance or kilometers the higher the CP.  A higher CP is more effective to beat a Gym Leader.  It’s hard to hatch an egg if you want a higher CP Pokémon, but there are some tricks to hatch a Pokémon egg easily.

Trick #1: Let the ceiling fan work for you
We know that Pokémon Go is using GPS and a pedometer, if you drive a car fast this is not counted as a step taken to hatch your egg.  If you slow down it is counted, so use a ceiling fan instead.  Put your phone in a plastic bag and tie it to the blade of the fan.  After 10 – 20 minutes, pick up your phone and see the egg.  This is the common trick to hatch your egg in an easy way.

Trick #2: Let your drone work for you
If you have a drone in your home you can use it to hatch a Pokémon egg simply by attaching your phone to it and flying around.

Trick #3: Let the vinyl player work for you
If you have a vinyl player in your home you can use it as well by simply attaching your phone to the top of the spinning record, you also can hear some good old tunes at the same time!

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