How To Evolve Your Eevee to both Vaporeon, Volteon or Flareon

How To Evolve Your Eevee to both Vaporeon, Volteon or Flareon

As a Pokemon grasp, it would be best to catch ’em all, and to catch ’em all normally means it’s important to evolve them into stronger model of themselves..

In comes Eevee, a Pokemon with a number of doable evolutions, with solely their factor varieties as the principle distinction..

And for a while, Pokemon Go gamers have at all times thought that Eevee will randomly evolve into both Vaporeon, Volteon or Flareon after giving it 25 candies (the required variety of candies for an Eevee to evolve)..

But, after some extra time, there arose a concept that’s slowly changing into a longtime reality: You CAN choose which evolution your Eevee will take..

Just a brief background: when you’ve been religiously watching the Pokemon anime collection, you may’ve seen an episode concerning the four Eevee Brothers: Mikey, Rainer, Sparky and Pyro, every of whom had some model of an Eevee:

  • Mikey had a standard, un-evolved Eevee
  • Rainer acquired Vaporeon
  • Sparky owned Jolteon
  • Pyro’s is Flareon

So why did I point out this episode? Because, it appears that evidently when you nickname your un-evolved Eevee utilizing one of many brother’s names, you’re going to get their model of Eevee..

So for instance, you nickname your Eevee as Rainer, it can evolve into Vaporeon after you give it its 25th sweet.. If you nickname Eevee as Sparky, you’re going to get Jolteon.. And when you nickname Eevee as Pyro, guess what.. It will develop into Flareon..

Now, I’m but to show this concept myself and with my very own two eyes, however there are a number of screenshots floating round reddit (and in addition a video proof), however please maintain it thoughts that there nonetheless appears to be a 33.33% likelihood that you’re going to get the evolution you need..

And sure, 33.33% isn’t loads.. But it isn’t nothing additionally..

Also, there are some gamers who’re saying that this trick solely works as soon as, or it doesn’t work twice in a row (perhaps maybe spacing out evolving your Eevees)..

Bear in thoughts: All of those are theories till confirmed factual..

Bottomline: It’s your name if you wish to imagine this concept or not.. But if I have been to decide on, I’d evolve my Rainer within the hopes of getting that elusive Vaporeon.. ?

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