How To Get Pikachu As Starter Pokemon

How To Get Pikachu As Starter Pokemon

If you’ve performed Pokemon Yellow, you’ll know that you simply solely have Pikachu as your starter Pokemon within the recreation..

Also in the event you’re an enormous fan of the Pokemon anime sequence, you’ll positively know that Pikachu is the principle character there.. and possibly additionally Ash..

Some of the sooner gamers of Pokemon Go found this Easter Egg:

You can now get Pikachu as your starter Pokemon, similar to Pokemon Yellow, and similar to Ash did within the anime!

Here’s the steps:

  1. Start a brand new recreation
  2. Go via the speech of Professor Willow and decide your title and avatar look
  3. Then through the half the place you’ll have to go close to the three starter Pokemons Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur (No Pikachu but…), to catch both of them, stroll the other way (away from all of them)..
  4. If you get away far sufficient from them, the three will “re-spawn” or re-appear subsequent to your character once more..
  5. Repeat steps three and four, four to five instances..
  6. During the fifth “re-spawn”, you’ll discover one other Pokemon appeared.. Voila! Pikachu!


If you desire a extra visible clarification, right here’s a really informative video:

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