How to Play Pokemon Go with pretend GPS | worldwide

How to Play Pokemon Go with pretend GPS | worldwide

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In this video, I have shown, how To play pokemon Go in those countries or places where the game is not available now!

Follow the steps in the video to play simply anywhere, Even from sitting in the home.

► Lucky Patcher pro + FakeGPS pro Apk Link :
Pokemon Go Apk Link :

–Your android device should have root access
–Do not root your device if you are not sure of what you are doing
–This can get your account banned by Pokemon Go

1. A rooted android device
2. Check to see if your device can run Pokemon Go by trial running it.
3. Download those 2 files on top

1. Navigate to file explorer and install the Lucky Patcher APK
2. Open Lucky Patcher and click on “Rebuild & Install” tab
3. Navigate through the file explorer and look for the Fake GPS APK you just downloaded
4. Click on the APK and select “Install as a System App”
5. Go to Settings – Developer Settings – Look for Mock Locations and Turn it OFF
6. Run Fake GPS, select a location from US, New Zealand or Australia.
7. Go to Settings, Check “Expert Mode”
8. Go back to Fake GPS app and click on the play or run button located at the lower right part of the screen
9. Go Run Pokemon Go!

If you run into any problems, don’t hesitate to comment the error you are facing, down below.

—Common Problems and Solutions—

Problem: Jumping or Teleporting from original location to fake location
Cause: Conflict when FakeGPS is moving your location
Solutions: Disable Location Applications, Wifi Locations , other GPS applications. If it still doesn’t fix it, Disable “Move around fake location” From FakeGPS, For the Location settings of your device, try to set it as “Device Only” so it won’t use Wifi location and Network location.

Solutions posted in the comments section:

—Service App Disabling
“Alright guys I think I may have found a working fix for this first thing you’ll need to do is download the disable service app. Once you have that installed go over to the system tab and scroll down to the Fused Location service and disable that. Next go to LocationServices and disable everything inside and restart your phone. You should be able to select a location on the spoofing app without teleporting back to your original location.”

—Airplane Mode Solution
1. Turn on Airplane Mode
2. Turn on your Wifi
3. Check to see if it fixed it.

—Sim removal solution
1. Take out your simcard off the device
2. Check to see if it fixed it.

—Foil Solution
1. Wrap around some foil behind your device ( people commented inserting the foil into the inside of the case and placing the device over it )
2. You should have trouble getting network service
3. Check to see if it fixed it.

Problem: Unable to catch pokemons and get items from Pokestops
Cause: Soft ban from pokemon Go from jumping large distance from original location
Solutions: Wait for a couple of Mins to around 2-3 hours and it should be fine

Problem: Failed To Detect Location
Cause: Mock Locations is being detected by pokemon Go as enabled
Solutions: Disable Mock locations from developer settings and set Fake GPS “Expert Mode” : On

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