How to Quick Throw (POKEMON GO TRICK SHOT)

How to Quick Throw (POKEMON GO TRICK SHOT)

How to Quick Throw (POKEMON GO TRICK SHOT)

Cathing Regional Rare Tauros with quick throw! Quick throw is a good way to catch pokemons quickly and efficiently in Pokemon Go. It’s also very easy to do and good for leveling up fast, because it hits the pokemon almost every time. You save time and can catch more pokemons.

Here’s a tip: If the pokemon you are fighting makes his attack move at the start so you can’t make the trick shot/quick throw, run away and start the battle again.

RARE & EPIC Catches:
Regional Rare Tauros Catch:
Playlist for all my RARE Pokemon Go Catches:
Playlist for all Pokemon Go Evolutions:
Eevee Evolution Trick:
Magikarp to Gyarados:

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