In Pokemon GO, what are my Pokemon’s hidden IV stats, and why do they matter?

In Pokemon GO, what are my Pokemon's hidden IV stats, and why do they matter?

CP is a quantity that’s derived from underlying stats the Pokemon Go engine makes use of for Pokemon fight.

The 4 stats are assault, defence, stamina and stage.

Each sort of pokemon has a base atk, def and sta. In addition, every pokemon has a person variation, or IV, of zero to 15 on every of these three stats.

A excessive IV pokemon thus shows a better CP on the similar stage.

Level is what you might be shopping for if you energy up a pokemon, at +zero.5 every energy up.

Now, what do these stats do?

Your harm is roughly:

some fixed × transfer dam (quantity displayed subsequent to maneuver) × atk stat × (stage+another fixed) / different pokemon's def

Thus is just not fairly correct, as a zero harm transfer truly does a tiny bit of injury.

Your HP are (stage+some fixed) × stamina × some_other_constant

In brief, +10% sta means +10% HP, +10% def means you’re taking 10% much less harm, and +10% atk means you deal 10% extra harm.

There are different elements. +25% harm in case your transfer sort matches your pokemon sort (STAB: similar sort assault bonus). +25% in case your transfer is tremendous efficient on the goal (based mostly on transfer sort and goal pokemon sort), -20% in case your transfer is just not very efficient (ditto).

As it occurs, fundamental assaults differ in harm per second. They peak round 12, earlier than STAB or Super Effective. This is nearly unrelated to their transfer harm: a 12 harm 1/second is similar dps as a 6 that’s 2/second. The UI doesn’t show the assault delay.

Finally, whereas CP is derived from atk/def/sta/stage, it’s a comparatively random components that solely vaguely tracks precise fight powess. I consider it’s principally ATK * sqrt(DEF*STA) * Level * Constantwith some very small extra elements that trigger it to be very barely non-linear. This over values ATK ompared to different stats by an element of sqrt(ATK).

Atk/sta/def for every sort may be discovered on-line. IV calculators that take stage estimates and cp values and hp and reverse engineer atk/def/sta additionally exist.

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