I’ve Gotten Into Pokemon Go Again (after quitting shortly after relase), and I Just Wanted To Talk About It. : pokemongo

I've Gotten Into Pokemon Go Again (after quitting shortly after relase), and I Just Wanted To Talk About It. : pokemongo

I used to be residing in a rural Texas city and the closest pokestop was a 20-minute drive away from me. Sounds prefer it’s not that dangerous, however I did not have a automobile. So in actuality, the closest cease was over an hour away. My telephone service was by no means that nice so the one place I may reliably catch something was in my entrance yard.

“Oh wow, another Pidgey.”

I spent cash on getting cash in order that I may get pokeballs, and it was… alright. Then, Niantic misplaced my account. I signed in someday with my google account like regular and… it was gone. It made me a brand new profile. Contacted Niantic and to at the present time, I’ve by no means obtained an electronic mail again from them about it. I wasn’t completely satisfied as a result of I had spent cash on that account. I imply, yeah, I had solely spent round ten bucks, but it surely nonetheless wasn’t very cool. So I stop.


Now, I moved to Minneapolis a number of months in the past and whereas working within the Mall of America, I see large teams of individuals enjoying pokemon go once more. I obtain the sport once more, open it up, and see that there are TONS of gyms and pokestops littered across the mall. Not solely that, however my condo advanced has three gyms and a pair of pokestops (2 of which I can attain from my home).

I’ve accomplished raids and have collected a few legendaries. I’ve met folks irl by way of discord teams. I even have my girlfriend into it, and we have loved going round city and different areas collectively. Pretty hyped to see what Community Day is about too.


Anyway, that is all. Just wished to inform any individual. It’s plenty of enjoyable this time round, and I presently have WAY too many pokeballs and eggs. But this is one thing else: I logged into my outdated electronic mail and guess what? My account is again. It was actually bizarre logging in and seeing gen 1 pokemon I caught ceaselessly in the past. It’s nearly like I discovered my copy of Pokemon Yellow once more.

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