New Pokémon Book To Be Released In Fall

New Pokémon Book To Be Released In Fall

Pokémon Go has taken the entire world by storm. It has been very successfully throughout the world. The most important thing being that the fans love it. So, now after the release of the game a Pokémon themed inspirational book is going to be launched soon. It is going to be released later in this year in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokémon series and the success of the hugely popular Pokémon Go. This book will be filled with inspirational quotes from the Pokemon series, which is going to help young trainers to achieve their dream. The book is going to be published by Century in the UK and by Del Rey in US. A listing for the UK version has also appeared on Amazon which shows that the book is going to be released on 22nd September.
Ben Brusey of Century said, “We’re thrilled to be publishing the Official Pokémon Book of Joy, which will undoubtedly be the perfect gift for the Jigglypuff obsessive in your life this autumn. It will be enjoyed by readers of all ages, and will appeal to everyone who grew up with the game the first time, as well as the millions who have fallen in love with the characters since.”


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