New Pokemon Go Event Announced, And It Finally Adds Mime Jr.

New Pokemon Go Event Announced, And It Finally Adds Mime Jr.

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A brand new Pokemon Go occasion is about to start very quickly. Developer Niantic has introduced it has partnered with the United Nations World Tourism Organisation for a particular occasion within the hit Pokemon cell recreation, which provides you with an opportunity to catch a few new Shinies and hatch region-exclusive Pokemon, together with the long-awaited Mime Jr.

Beginning September 26, you’ll seize a United Nations World Tourism Organization t-shirt on your avatar from the merchandise store. On high of that, you’ll hatch region-exclusive Pokemon from 5 km eggs. These Pokemon, nonetheless, will nonetheless solely be accessible of their respective regions–so gamers in, say, the US won’t be able to hatch a Pansear until they acquired a 5 km egg from Europe.

Speaking of Europe, gamers within the area can have their first likelihood to acquire Mime Jr., the newborn type of Mr. Mime. Mime Jr. is without doubt one of the few Gen four Pokemon to have but seem in Pokemon Go, and it’s among the many region-exclusive monsters that may hatch from 5k eggs in the course of the occasion. You can see the total record of Pokemon you’ll hatch–along with the areas each will be discovered in–below:

  • Farfetch’d (Asia)
  • Kangaskhan (Australia)
  • Tauros (North America)
  • Heracross (North America)
  • Corsola (South America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia)
  • Volbeat (Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe)
  • Illumise (North America, South America)
  • Torkoal (Asia)
  • Zangoose (Eastern Hemisphere)
  • Seviper (Western Hemisphere)
  • Lunatone (Eastern Hemisphere)
  • Solrock (Western Hemisphere)
  • Tropius (Africa, Mediterranean)
  • Relicanth (New Zealand)
  • Pachirisu (Alaska, Canada, Russia)
  • Mime Jr. (Europe)
  • Chatot (Southern Hemisphere)
  • Pansage (Asia-Pacific)
  • Pansear (Europe, Middle East, Africa, India)
  • Panpour (Americas)
  • Heatmor (Western Hemisphere)
  • Durant (Eastern Hemisphere)

On high of that, you will have your first likelihood to catch Shiny types of Seviper and Zangoose of their respective areas. Trading Pokemon can even price 1 / 4 much less Stardust than regular, and you may earn twice as a lot XP while you spin the Photo Disc at PokeStops. Finally, there can be particular Field Research duties to finish.

The particular Pokemon Go occasion will run till 1 PM PT / four PM ET on October 1. You can learn extra particulars on the official Pokemon Go web site. Of course, that is not the solely in-game occasion on the horizon. October’s Community Day can also be set for October 12, and it’ll function Trapinch, the primary type of Flygon. The Legendary Giratina has additionally returned to Raid Battles for a restricted time, whereas some Gen 5 Pokemon are nonetheless showing within the wild.

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