New Pokemon Tracker is There that will help you

New Pokemon Tracker is There that will help you

Still being sad for loss of Pokevision…….looking for a way to hunt for specific Pokemon in “Pokemon GO” after the death of PokeVision? We are here to help you out with this New Pokemon Tracker which helps you to catch specific Pokemons.

Skiplagged’s Pokemon tracker uses Google Maps to show exactly where certain Pokemon are spawning in real time. We tested it, and it works nicely. Niantic Labs, the creator of Pokemon GO i.e. Niantic, has started shutting down sites like PokeVision and other unofficial trackers. So we don’t know how long Skiplagged’s map will be operational. But it works for now.

One of the company’s spokesperson said “We made the tracker because we grew up with Pokemon and are huge fans of it….”. We started Skiplagged with the mission of helping people experience the world and saw the tracker as an extension on that. It is amazing how ‘Pokemon GO’ has gotten everyone up and exploring their neighborhoods. The tracker helps people explore areas they would not normally explore.”

Like PokeVision, you can use Skiplagged’s map to see exactly where certain creatures are spawning near a given location.

Even it shows a specific time or how how many seconds are left before Pokemon disappears.

Skiplagged also has a filtering system that shows nearby creatures based on their rarity or the criteria you select.

Skiplagged’s map automatically updates with new info from “Pokémon GO’s” servers, so there’s no need to manually refresh the page.


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