Online Games for Pokémon MMO – Is it potential?

Online Games for Pokémon MMO - Is it potential?

It’s no secret that in Nintendo’s eyes, “Pokémon” is synonymous with “money”. The collection has been going sturdy for over 12 years now, and each time a brand new principal entry within the collection comes out it will definitely ranks up there with the best-selling titles on the system. The single-player expertise, the nice Pokémon journey is beloved by youngsters and adults alike (so long as the adults performed Pokémon once they had been youthful, that’s). And with the approaching Pokémon Black and White, the Pokémon craze goes to happen once more.

All good issues, nonetheless, can turn out to be stale in the event that they go too lengthy with out being up to date. Pokémon manages to principally keep away from this, however from time to time a criticism about this may come up; I do know that IGN was a bit sad with Pearl’s lack of gameplay innovation, at the least. But I consider there is a manner so as to add an entire new dimension to the sport with out considerably altering the core mechanics that make the sport nice: what we’d like is a Pokémon MMO.

I first had this thought throughout a dialogue with a pal of mine a couple of months again, and the extra I give it some thought the extra I believe that is one of the best thought within the historical past of concepts. I am unable to consider a single recreation franchise that’s extra suited to a MMO than Pokémon. If you think about many commonplace MMO components, Pokémon has almost all of them.

Naturally, Pokémon comes outfitted with a pleasant prolonged solo journey. Travel the area, gather fitness center badges, conquer Victory Road and defeat the Elite Four to turn out to be champion. Then work to finish your Pokédex by finding or catching all of them – a attempting job, one that may take dozens upon dozens of hours, which is ideal for a MMO. Plus, you would be exploring a lush, expansive world as you probably did so. You cannot say that Pokémon areas do not have some vastness to them; you’ve got bought massive cities right here, forests there, massive labyrinthian caves, ruins of an outdated civilization, a large sea, islands…  a Pokémon MMO would permit this world to be rendered in shiny shade and in an actual 3D perspective. Getting a correct view of the world of Pokémon for the primary time would make loads of individuals curious immediately.

A regular class system is definitely changed by Pokémon varieties. You would possibly even say this works out higher than a category system, since you do not have to start out over with a brand new character if you wish to incorporate a brand new kind; you simply want to lift a Pokémon from scratch, or no matter stage you discovered it at. You can specialise in one factor or be a generalist for those who like; one in every of Pokémon’s biggest strengths is the way it helps you to play nonetheless you want and nonetheless preserve steadiness. You can customise your social gathering with objects and extra, even.

Possibly probably the most compelling side is that of PVP. Battling different trainers in your journey is half the sport already; the logical subsequent step is to modify from CPU trainers to different gamers. You may add in a filter or one thing that solely helps you to see trainers round your stage, maybe, however this needs to be the a part of the sport with probably the most potential. It would possibly increase the issue considerably, since all battles must be misplaced by any individual, however for MMOs or on-line recreations you’d want a pleasant lengthy journey anyhow. Plus, you’ll be able to nonetheless battle Pokémon within the wild grass, and who is aware of, perhaps a type of random encounters will likely be a Latios, or a Suicine, or one thing.

Then there’s co-op play. Let’s ignore the plain awesomeness of buying and selling Pokémon en masse (or auctioning them at an public sale home, as horrible as that sounds now that I give it some thought). In latest iterations,  Nintendo has taken to double- and even triple-Pokémon battles with Black and White; this naturally lends itself to co-op PVP, which is a phrase that makes me comfortable when used at the side of Pokémon. Besides that, the sport may have challenges that scale up with the variety of gamers current, and the “pick your opponent” model of multi-Pokémon battles would nonetheless supply a bonus to those that journey in teams, whereas stopping individuals from steamrolling by means of the sport in two days’ time like they did with Everquest.

Not that raid-based dungeons could not nonetheless exist. Even from the very first Pokémon recreation, we had these: Power Plant and Zapdos, Cerulean Cave and Mewtwo, Turnback Cave and Giratina, and so forth. This is precisely the type of factor individuals group up for and conquer in video games like World of Warcraft, and admittedly it might be extra real looking to require a group of individuals to take down an allegedly legendary Pokémon, particularly those with ridiculous psychic powers. There may even be story integration with a few of them, if Game Freak is intelligent sufficient about it.

Making Pokémon right into a MMO would additionally improve the socializing choices. There are already loads of social features which can be inherent to the sport. Trading with different gamers, battling, contests, and so forth. But one thing Nintendo has at all times tried to push of their video games is “do fun stuff with your Pokémon”. Take them for walks, gown them up, earn them ribbons; individuals put numerous pleasure into their Pokémon. What higher option to exhibit your social gathering than in a MMO? Thousands would see your battling/dress-up prowess.

There’s additionally the chance for time- and date-specific occasions. There are sure Pokémon you’ll be able to solely catch through the day or evening, clearly, however then there are the opposite, date-specific occasions. As I write this, Gamestop is doing a weeklong occasion the place they’re making a gift of free Celebis (or Victinis, I am unable to bear in mind precisely which); earlier than that, they gave away the Legendary Trio, and earlier than THAT Nintendo was providing up Mews to anybody who popped on-line. And moreover that, what for those who immediately obtained phrase that Team Rocket had taken over Saffron City, and so they had been extracting a big amount of uncommon merchandise that you simply would possibly get your arms on for those who joined the nice combat within the subsequent two days?

And moreover that, there’s simply an enormous bunch of random stuff you are able to do. Fishing, casinos, ribbons, poffins, Safari Zone, Pokéathlon… severely, do I have to go on? There is a lot random stuff to do in a Pokémon recreation, and that works out completely for a MMO as effectively. God is aware of what number of hours I wasted taking part in Voltorb Flip alone in SoulSilver. If you need, you could possibly completely dedicate your self to reaching one thing fully separate from the principle quest; there may even be leaderboards for some issues.

A single Pokémon journey can take you 30 hours or extra as it’s, from beginning out to defeating the Champion. A Pokémon MMO could be a property ripe for enlargement on high of that. Right now, Nintendo has 5 areas and quests that they will roll out periodically, and so they’re superb with making extra, I am positive. And we’re at what number of Pokémon now? I believe it is effectively over 500, which simply illustrates the immense replay worth. You gotta catch ‘em all. Additionally, see “random stuff to do” above.

There are a couple of different components in main MMOs, like a spot the place you go to get random smaller quests; virtually all of them might be built-in with little to no hassle. There’d be a couple of bugs to iron out, after all (chat might need to be eradicated fully, if Nintendo had been accountable) however I really feel that that is the inspiration of one thing very stable and entertaining. With the quantity of people that play World of Warcraft, there is definitely no scarcity of MMO followers on the market, after which you might have the overlap that comes from the Pokémon fanbase as effectively. The thought alone of an epic, enormous realization of the Pokémon expertise would entice many individuals even with out the multiplayer features.

Some individuals would possibly consider the sport as too “kiddy” for them, however I do know that loads of 20-year-olds on the market, and even older, are nonetheless taking part in Pokémon and would stand in line for days to get their arms on this. You may even put it on the Wii, or no matter next-generation console Nintendo has in thoughts, as long as the web service is not horrible. I do not care the way you do it, Nintendo, simply make this occur! You guys are sitting on a gold mine, and numerous console gross sales, if I do know something about video video games. Plus, my interior little one must beat down a 10-year-old’s stage 50 Pikachu with my Ho-Oh.

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