[Photo] Death Magikarp -Something peculiar occurred. : pokemongo

[Photo] Death Magikarp -Something peculiar occurred. : pokemongo

I’m sitting at house, the place I mostly play Pokemon Go at since I’m fairly lazy. I let my bizarre GPS hatch my eggs routinely because it generally flicks my character round and makes it stroll round city inside a tough 100 meter radius.

Something that has been taking place because the begin of pokemon go, is that I’m being teleported to the identical location at random, about as soon as each hour or so. This location is all the time a metropolis with a few gyms and pokestops in sight. If I’m fast sufficient, I’m able to peek into the gymnasium, the pokestops, and even the close by record of that location. But by no means am I capable of work together with something as it’s out of my attain.

I’ve continued my play about 2 weeks in the past from a protracted break, and a few new facet impact entered the scene. Like the teleportation to the identical metropolis that’s unknown to me, I now generally teleport to a giant empty subject with no pokestops or gyms close by. Sometimes I discover myself on a highway, different occasions I see massive buildings which might be greenhouses. I can not see pokemon on the close by record.. because the close by record glints and vanishes. Other UI elements just like the compass and my portrait vanish too. This occurred to me about 5 occasions the final couple of days.

And then I met one thing that in the first place creeped me out a bit. By no means was it scary, however it caught me off guard. A black pokemon with what appeared to be pink spots got here up on display, and the app crashed. I might barely catch a glympse of it and the app closed. I do know the three first generations by coronary heart, and I used to be completely constructive that there was no pokemon prefer it. I continued taking part in, and about 30 minutes in the past it occurred once more. Instead the entire display was frozen and I had sufficient time to take a screenshot of it.

Low and behold it looks like a Magikarp with corrupted textures. It needs to be the identical pokemon that crashed my recreation the primary time, because it instantly clicked in my head that that is what I caught a glympse of.

There could be so many causes as to why that is taking place. Maybe a null pokemon like Missingno, who is aware of? I assumed it was humorous, a corrupt Magikarp roaming the lands crashing anybody’s app who finds it!


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