Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Moncolle Plus – Regigigas (P-14) 2″ Figure

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Moncolle Plus - Regigigas (P-14) 2" Figure

Regigigas stands approx. 2″ (5cm) and along with being a superbly crafted Pokemon determine, every Monster Collection PLUS determine will be coupled with a PLUS collection gadgets to convey an interactive expertise to the determine’s proprietor. three gadgets have been marketed that are all SOLD SEPARATELY: Moncolle Touch (to examine a determine’s skills and stats), Moncolle Trainer (to coach a determine) and Moncolle Battle Stage Plus (to battle with one other Monster Collection PLUS determine.) Of course, even in case you do not plan on shopping for these gadgets, you possibly can nonetheless benefit from the determine!

Price: $10.99

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