Geting the primary pokemon

The finest trace to geting the primary pokemon is to maintain the masterball that you just get from Proffessor Rowan

Get all starters by buying and selling

You will want two sport carts and two DS’s for this not so low cost method of getting all three starters. Select a starter and commerce it to the opposite sport and star that sport over. Do that till you get all of the starters you need.

Sunnyshore Gym Leader

When you get to Sunnyshore CT go to the lighthouse and the health club chief is up the highest. Go and beat him.

Catch Creselia or Mesprit

Make certain you bought the map from the watchtower in Jubileaf City. Then you go to sand city proper subsequent to the Pokemon heart on the proper hand facet. Up there will probably be a route. Keep on going out and in of the route and Creselia or Mesprite will carry on altering locations. Eventually they’re going to be on high of you on the map. Go in to the grass and it will likely be there (MAP discuss to the president by the counter).

Catch Heatran (in Stark Mountain)

To catch Heatran carry a lot of duskballs.


Well you must have the cheat code to do it (run by something). First go to Canalave City and go to sailor Eldercks home and discuss to the child. He will probably be speaking about Darkrai. Then go outdoors and discuss to sailer Elderck. He will take you to Fullmoon island and discuss to Crecla then get the merchandise then go out then run to the proper then you’ll apear in New Moon Island. Talk to Darkrai. Be certain to avoid wasting on Master Balls.

Level 100 Pokemon

An simple technique to get your pokemon to stage 100 is to maintain combating with the elite four no less than 15 instances.

Catch a Shaymin

First you will need to have the run/stroll by something cheat. Then you go by Victory Road on the proper till you hit an space previosly blocked. Go by then stroll up the route till you hit the rock with the dots on it. You go up within the water till you hit Seabreak Path. (Here’s the place I strongly recommend driving your bike.) You will come to a subject of flowers. Talk to the Shaymin sitting within the center. (If you even have the one hit kill cheat use it proper because the Shaymin seems for an additional benefit.)

Union room glitch

Go to the union room then click on a chat along with your title on it. A crimson marker will probably be round you. Quickly exit and you’ll float away however the crimson marker will probably be nonetheless within the union room.

Tips to beat the Elite Four

First you will want a Polkia at Lv.90 tops. Make certain it is aware of the strikes Flamethrower, Special Rend, Earth Power, and Slash. For the primary particular person use Flamethrower on all of his pokemon. When you get to the second particular person use Earth Power on all of her pokemon. When you get to the thrid particular person use a combination of all of the strikes besides Special Rend, and when you’ve got a Infornape use it. When you get to the thrid particular person use slash on all besides Bronzong. Use Flamethrower on him. Now you’re on the final particular person you’ll have to face earlier than you’re the champion. First she is going to use Spiritomb. Use Flamethrower on it. Then she is going to use Garchomp. Use Special Rend on it. Gastroodn is subsequent. Use rock climb on it. Use the remainder of your strikes to defeat her.

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