Pokemon Fan ‘Finally’ Maxes Out Pokewalker… Seven Years Later

Pokemon Fan ‘Finally’ Maxes Out Pokewalker… Seven Years Later

Before Pokemon Go, there was the Pokewalker.

The Poke Ball-shaped pedometer was released in 2010 alongside the Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver game remakes for Nintendo DS.

Three buttons control the small monochrome LCD screen, where every step you take Sting is watching you is recorded; daily step counts influence which wild Pokemon and in-game items appear to players.

Part Tamagotchi/Pokemon Pikachu, part measuring device, the Pokewalker has mostly fallen out of fashion. Which is why it came as a surprise on Tuesday when a Japanese owner announced he “finally” maxed out his wearable—seven years later.

Twitter user suica_pokeca (who goes by the title “watermelon” online) this week posted photos of his achievement: 9,999,999 steps.

suica_pokeca (Twitter)

Ten thousand steps—the daily recommendation for most people—equates to almost 5 miles, according to The Walking Site. Which means, based on rough calculations, Suica has trekked an impressive 5,000 miles since 2010.

It’s unclear what he’s been up to for seven years, but he could have walked from Tokyo to Perth, Australia, in that time. Or strolled across the US—from New York to California—and back again.

Like any pedometer, folks can cheat the system by dropping the Pokewalker on a table or shaking it repeatedly. But it doesn’t take seven years to rattle your way to 10 million steps, suggesting Suica’s milestone is legit.

suica_pokeca (Twitter)

As reported by Kotaku, the user’s preferred method of transportation is bicycle, which reportedly does not accurately compute steps the way taking actual strides would.

Suica, however, is not Nintendo’s first success story: In 2013, YouTuber Brian Salguero (owner of TWO Pokewalkers) published a video of the “Good job!” message and “special gift” received upon reaching 10 million steps.

“It took almost three years since they were released in America to reach that amount fairly,” he wrote in the description.

The disappointment in Salguero’s voice, though, when he finds a new Starf Berry in his collection is almost too much to bear.

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