Pokemon Go| 15 Interesting Fun Facts You Never Knew

Pokemon Go| 15 Interesting Fun Facts You Never Knew

If you are reading this, odds are you have been playing the world changing game – Pokémon Go. There is a lot of neat information about the Pokémon franchise that even the hardcore Pokéfans do not know about..


Here is my list of the 15 most interesting fun facts about Pokemon Go


1. Pikachu is actually based off of a real animal: Yup, its true. That super cute Pikachu is actually based off of a “pika mouse” which happen to be pretty cute themselves.. Can you see the resemblance?

pika mouse



2. Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee are named after famous actors: I am positive that you have heard of these iconic fighting actors, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.


The names are so obvious, yet most people still do not make the connection.

Hitmonchan Hitmonlee

bruce lee and jackie chan
Bruce Lee (left) Jackie Chan (Right)




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3. The origin of the word “Pokémon” is not Japanese: In Fact, it is as American as it gets. The word comes from the phrase “Pocket Monsters”.


The original Pokémon Red and Blue games for Gameboy were actually released in Japan in 1996 titled as “Pocket Monsters”.

pocket monsters facts



4. The face of the Pokémon franchise was almost not Pikachu: The initial plan was to use Clerfairy as Ash’s starter Pokémon. After a last minute vote, Pikachu was selected in Clefairy’s place and is now the most known Pokemon in existence.

pokemon go facts about clefairy



5. Drowzee is the animated version of a tapir: In some Japanese cultures, the tapir is known as a dream or nightmare eater. This explains his hypnotic powers.

pokemon go facts drowzee



They are attractive animals wouldn’t you agree?



Hopefully you are enjoying these Pokémon Go Fun Facts so far… here are 5 quick stats.


6. Pokémon Go was launched on July 6th 2016 and became the top grossing app within 13 hours.



7. Nintendo’s market value increased by $9 billion in the first 5 days of launch.



8. 3,000+ Macdonals locations in Japan have been turned into Pokémon Gym locations.



9. Pokémon go players are 60% male and 40% female.



10. Officially the most played app based game in worldwide history, will it ever be surpassed?


Ok, enough with the boring stats.. let’s get back to the fun stuff.


11. Koffing and Weezing were originally named after major US cities: The names were going to be NY and LA due to their very well known smog problems.

koffing and weezing

By Source, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=24697074



12. Ash is the childhood version of the games creator, Satoshi Tajiri: He was inspired to create the game from his childhood activities, such as catching bugs with friends.

Ash pokemon go getters


13. The Pokémon Go theme song is uptempo for a reason: It inspires you to walk faster. The drum beat almost sounds like a person running. I know that when I have my volume turned up it definitely impacts my walking speed!


14. You can control what Eevee evolves into by giving it a certain nickname: Yup that is right, give your Eevee a certain nickname and it will determine its evolution.  If you do not chose one, it will be random.


Nickname your Eevee “sparky” and it will evolve into Jolteon, “pyro” for Flareon, and “rainer” for Vapereon.

jolteon flareon eevee vapereon



15. Magikarp is the hardest Pokémon to evolve: The requirement is 400 Magikarp candy. You have to catch 101 of them to build up enough candy. (goodluck)


The evolution to a Gyarados is totally worth it though. The cp multiplier during its evolution is 11-12x. (A 150cp Magikarp would evolve into a 1700cp Gyarados)



Thanks for viewing my list of the coolest Pokemon facts! If you want some more free information and tips about gameplay, check out the Pokemon Go Forum.

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