Pokemon Go Adding Alolan Forms For Gen 1 Pokemon Soon

Pokemon Go Adding Alolan Forms For Gen 1 Pokemon Soon

A wide range of new Pokemon will quickly start showing in Pokemon Go. Developer Niantic introduced that Alolan types of traditional Gen 1 monsters are on the way in which to the favored cell sport, they usually’ll start popping up world wide simply in time for summer season.

“Whether your forecast calls for rain or shine, we’re celebrating all around the world by introducing some special Pokemon from the tropical Alola region to Pokemon Go,” Niantic mentioned on the official Pokemon Go web site. “Get ready for some of the Pokemon originally discovered in the Kanto region to appear in their Alolan forms!”

Niantic hasn’t introduced when gamers can anticipate the Alolan varieties to debut in Pokemon Go, however the developer says they’re going to start showing within the sport “in the coming weeks.” Along with the announcement, the developer shared a brand new promotional picture that includes silhouettes of the Alolan Pokemon, which you’ll be able to check out under.

Alolan varieties had been first launched within the collection’ seventh era installments, Pokemon Sun and Moon. They are region-specific variants of sure Kanto Pokemon, which sport a a lot completely different look and elemental sort when encountered within the tropical Alola area. 18 Gen 1 Pokemon have Alolan varieties; you may see the complete listing of them, together with their new sorts, under.

  • Rattata (Dark/Normal)
  • Raticate (Dark/Normal)
  • Raichu (Electric/Psychic)
  • Sandshrew (Ice/Steel)
  • Sandslash (Ice/Steel)
  • Vulpix (Ice)
  • Ninetales (Ice/Fairy)
  • Diglett (Ground/Steel)
  • Dugtrio (Ground/Steel)
  • Meowth (Dark)
  • Persian (Dark)
  • Geodude (Rock/Electric)
  • Graveler (Rock/Electric)
  • Golem (Rock/Electric)
  • Grimer (Poison/Dark)
  • Muk (Poison/Dark)
  • Exeggutor (Grass/Dragon)
  • Marowak (Fire/Ghost)

Up till now, Pokemon Go has solely featured monsters taken from the primary three generations of the collection, that means that some Gen 7 Pokemon will likely be arriving earlier than Gen four monsters have even been launched within the sport. Niantic hasn’t mentioned if any of the brand new Pokemon from Sun and Moon will likewise start showing in Go quickly.

On prime of the upcoming Alolan varieties, Pokemon Go gamers world wide have a lot of real-world occasions to sit up for this summer season as a part of Niantic’s Summer Tour 2018. That begins subsequent month with a Safari Zone occasion in Germany, with the second annual Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago following in July. Niantic may also host a particular Safari Zone occasion in Yokosuka later this summer season.

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