Pokémon Go Android Google login loop concern

Pokémon Go Android Google login loop concern

I was logged into my Pokémon Go account this morning when I came across a rare Pokemon and I caught it. I lLogged out of my main account, attempted to log into my other beginner account. When I attempted logging back in… the screen flashed black for a second and went back to the Niantic screen, and then brought me back to the original log in screen. I came across this forum with a similar issue.

Pokemon Go – Will not load or sign in

Tried what resolved this users issue however it isn’t working for me.

I attempted to fix it by:

  • Clearing Cache
  • Clearing Data
  • Removing google account
  • Restarting phone
  • Uninstall/reinstall game
  • Removing my phone as a device that has accessed my email address

No Google email I use will allow my to bypass this issue. I logged into my account on my girlfriends phone and everything works fine. I logged into a test PTC account and everything works fine.

For the life of me no matter what I do I cant get passed the point where I select my Google account when logging in.

Any advice would be a much appreciated. I’ve caught over 200 different types and am almost to level 34. I really don’t want to go out and get a new phone just to play a game.

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