Pokemon GO arrived and gymnasiums are owned by lvl 20+ gamers

Pokemon GO arrived and gymnasiums are owned by lvl 20+ gamers

Pokemon GO officially arrived at my country yesterday. I started playing it today, and found out gyms are already owned by people with lvl 20-26 and pokemons with CP over 2K.

I chose to be team blue and most gyms are owned by my team, a few are owned by team red. This indicates that there is some war on the city among these 2 teams, no yellow team gym found.

From deffenders, a few have names that ressamble usual names on my country, but most seem to be people from other countries. IDK if they were traveling here and took gyms while we couldn’t even install the game, or if they are hacking their locations somehow. The ones from my country probably had installed it before it was officially available.

Anyway, the game is officially available for 2 days, I’ve played it 1 day, and all gyms are already owned by 3 or 4 high level players. I suppose dev’s intention was to have lvl5 players start fighting and taking gyms, but that had already happened.

Worse, most gyms are from my team. If they were from other teams, I could hope to lvl up and start fighting against them. Maybe these outsiders would go away and not try to hold gyms on another continent, and we’d eventually take back our land. But, being them from my team, I can’t throw them away, I can only “train” with them when I get the level to mach it.

If blue team take the rest of the gyms, no red or yellow team will ever be able to take them and blue will rule forever, and these guys will own our gyms forever.

What do you suggest to do?

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