Pokemon go bot for android

Pokemon go bot for android

Link To The App:
“ https://goo.gl/JwlKSX ”


1. Install Pokemon Go simulator Apk from the download button below. 
2. Open and go to the settings.
3. Go to Login info, enter your Google / PTC account and password if you use a google account, activate the google account mode.
4. Now start the Pokemon GO official App, stay in the game and Press your phone’s home button, Launch the GO simulator App
5. Go in Go Simulator Apk Bot settings:

★ You can use the pre-defined routes, and you can choose where you want to start to farm pokémon and pokéstops when selecting the names of countries
★ In speed option, you can set how fast you want to walk
★ You can enable the transfer of automatic pokémon – will only be transferred Pokemon low CP
★ You can enable the option to evolve pokémon automatically
★ the bot can also automatically hatching eggs
★ the button also automatically removes potions (to make room for Poke Balls).
★ Option to use the berries while picking up the Pokémon

6. The bot runs in the bottom cell, can be doing other things fun good.
7.  If you are Softban, the bot takes the ban automatically.

What’s in this version:

★ Added Pokemon filter settings, fixed error while walking, fixed medium speed.

★ Auto walk (through predefined routes or random walking around point you set on map)

★ Catching Pokemon Simulator (You can choose if u want to use razz-berry on Pokemon with cp higher then your value)

★ Looting poke-stopsTransferring Pokemon (You choose what’s max CP to evolve. Bot will always keep the strongest of a kind)

★ Evolving Pokemon (You choose min CP to evolve)

★ Hatch eggs

★ 4-speed options (Slow, Medium, High, Superfast)

★ Clean potions and revives (to make space for pokeballs)

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