Pokemon Go: Chansey Strategy

Pokemon Go: Chansey Strategy

Are you one of the lucky people to own a Chansey? Perhaps you have wondered what is the best use or strategy for Chansey. I have wondered the same thing as I have recently hatched a very strong Chansey. If you are dedicated on fighting gyms then perhaps it is hard to fit a Chansey into your team. The following strategy takes advantage of Chansey’s large HP.

This technique functions as sort of a cushion strategy. A cushion can act as great tool to absorb damage. Chansey can do this quite well. During a gym battle it is a good idea to place Chansey in the second team slot. Why? The system follows an order of sending out your Pokemon whenever one of them faints. Your first slot Pokemon goes out first then second and so on. If you keep your second slot Pokemon alive then whenever your third, fourth, fifth or six Pokemon faints the system will always send out the pokemon in the second slot after every fainted Pokemon. You can take advantage of this feature by having Chansey absorb damage each time one your Pokemon faints. This works well against those level 10 gyms. Chansey can absorb all the extra damage while you consider what Pokemon you want use. In long battles Chansey can absorb a lot of unnecessary damage to your main Pokemon.

There are some things you should consider if you choose to use this strategy. The major consideration is that if you are using Chansey as a cushion then you can expect to use a lot of potions to heal Chansey back to full health. This could be a huge drain on your potion resources. But take into consideration that if you don’t use Chansey you will be using revives and one or two potions. If Chansey is able to keep a lot of your Pokemon alive by tanking extra damage then your revive usage can lower.

Until generation II is available and Chansey is able to evolve then Chansey’s role in a Pokemon team is to absorb damage. We can only hope that Chancey’s evolution can help the Pokemon rise in ranks and become more competitive.

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